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  1. xBrave_Heartx

    Mitchell Callahan

    f***in yeah Cally. keep it up
  2. xBrave_Heartx

    Yzerman a GM in the NHL soon?

    If Kenny isn't out as GM of Detroit soon, I can see Stevie heading elsewhere to be a GM. I imagine if Team Canada goes for gold alot of teams will be knocking on his door.
  3. xBrave_Heartx

    Getting Healthy, Offense

    Abdelkader should get some time in GR, i think the playing time and being an offensive threat will help him next time he is in the NHL.
  4. xBrave_Heartx

    Nathan Horton out with broken leg

    He should be close to an elite talent by now. he's been a solid 1st liner, but he should be more than what he is at this point.
  5. xBrave_Heartx

    Lilja Potentially Close to Returning?

    God I miss the pain train someone view my sig
  6. xBrave_Heartx

    What Five Current NHL Players Do You Like the Most?

    1. Dustin Brown 2. David Backes 3. Brooks Orpik 4. Danny Carcillo 5. Steve Downie
  7. xBrave_Heartx

    Mathieu Schneider on waivers

    In all fairness, they were forcing a #2-3 Power Play specialist into a #1 role. Not good. Like Brad Staurt with every team he played with, forced into roles he couldn't handle. Which is why he does better with the wings. He's playing the role he should play. Same in Detroit, Mat would be paying a role he should be. Paired with Big Rig on the third pairing and manning the 2nd PP with Kronner. Not only does our 2nd PP unit instantly get better by having Mat there. You also get JWill off the D PP, and possibly down low as a forward.
  8. xBrave_Heartx

    Draft Strategy in 2010

    What do we lack? Forwards? Goal Scoring Talent Power Forwards Gritty Two Way Players Toughness Defense? Stay at Home Toughness Goaltending? N/A We lack, what our team has been lacking for awhile, overall abrasiveness, but kenny has made it a point that detroit isn't built on that, So i wouldn't suggesst that our draft strategy change much, if any. 1st Round, I'll say, Skilled Forward. 2nd through 4th, BPA, Skill Focused, Mixture of F/D 5th through 7th, Gambles, Whether it is a gritty player *Callahan* or a diamon skilled player *Almqvist* I dont see detroit stretching to far, to get that big stay at home body. They had their chance with Petrecki over Smith in 2 drafts past. If they really wanted that stay at home body, they had there chances. Regardless. Detroit wont take chances on big bodies or too much grit until the later rounds. that way its less of a gamble.
  9. xBrave_Heartx

    Matthias Ritola recalled from G.R.

    Ritola may have a bigger upside, but that doesn't mean you dont earn your spot on the roster. Regardless of the upside that Ritola may have over Newbury. Atleast Newbs produces and has an effect on the game. In Grand Rapids he put up more points and gave the team a bit more of a back bone, same deal here in Detroit. Kenny didn't sign Newbury because he thought he could help out GR, He signed him incase Detroit had some injury problems. Newbury isn't an enforcer, He isn't even that much of a fighter but he sticks up for himself and teammates, while putting up some impressive numbers in the NHL and not looking out of place at all here in the NHL centering May and Malts. My point is that, Ritola hasn't earned his spot on this team, or even earn a look on this roster for that matter. Mursak has vastly improved and is doing a phenomenal job. Jeremy Williams, as much as I am not a fan of him, Atleast he shoots the puck and isn't shy about doing so. Why not give Emmerton a shot, because under the same merit he has earned it just as much as Ritola. If Ritola cant hack it as a scoring line forward in the AHL, What is he supposed to do in the NHL? Be invisible on the 3rd and 4th lines? If you are a 3rd and 4th liner at least have a purpose.
  10. xBrave_Heartx

    Matthias Ritola recalled from G.R.

    He hasrdly produces any points, He's soft, He will play timid just like the last game he played for the wings. For god sakes I would have rather had Jeremy Williams.
  11. xBrave_Heartx

    Brad May vs. Aaron Downey

    Fighting wise? I'll take Downey. Skill wise? I'll take May. The only thing May has, is the same thing Mac brought to us, It's positioning and seasoning. He understood his role and he understood where to be. He May 'was' a goon, but he plays like a seasoned vet and knows where to be and were to go with the puck, When downs was on the ice, He was looking for the hit and when it came to playing smart hockey, he was always a step behind. Downs was much more chippier and alot more vocal. He ran people. He kept the opposition on its toes. and like I suspected, May would come out swinging early and then mellow out as the year goes on. Overall, I am stoked to see May in as many games as he has, I'm hating how Val, Mule and JWill are getting close to a return, that just means May wont be in the roster as much.
  12. xBrave_Heartx

    Ducks Forward Erik Christensen on waivers

    Lazy and a bad work ethic. Detroit could whip him into shape, but the last thing they need right now, is more distractions. and easing another body in the mix for no apparent reason doesn't seem like the most viable option. Bring in Jay Harrison, he just got waived. He'd take some weight off of May and would give us a reason to dump Lebda.
  13. xBrave_Heartx

    Randy Jones Claimed by LA Kings

    Randy Jones is a turn over machine. The Flyers didn't want for him to stay around, They've wanted him gone for along time, That price tag just scared teams away.
  14. xBrave_Heartx

    thoughts on the new lines for the road trip?

    I enjoy the new lines actually. I still feel Draper can be a 10-15 goal scorer and on the 3rd line, with Cleary and Bert. They might see some real production or just a real bad line. Only thing i dont like is JWill on the 2nd line.
  15. xBrave_Heartx

    5 days between games stinks...

    I hate it as a fan, but it has came with good timing for us. Some shotty play, Some nagging injuries already. Some uncertainty with players in the line up. The team still practices. So hopefully some chemistry builds.. You need to realize that Val and Ville have JUST started playing together. There chemistry is still building. So this little bit of practice helps alot. Same deal with Eaves, Helm, Abdelkader and Williams. They might have been around for awhile, But They've been with so many players the last couple years that there isn't an instinctive chemistry between them all. This little bit of off time and practice time will do good for us. I hope with mule out, they let the following happen. Zette - Dats - Homer Ville - Val - Bert Cleary - Helm - Williams Abdelkader - Draper - Maltby I personally enjoy Eaves as a player. I wish Homer wasn't doing so good, Beecause i'd sit him for sure. but he's doing amazing thus far. I love a line of Eaves - Helm - Abdelkader. It's quick, It's gritty. I love keeping the Fin Twins together. same with the Euro Twins. I like have two big bodies on the top 2 lines to not get pushed around as easy. I love the way Malts has been playing, With a real chip on his shoulder. Helm and Cleary i think would work really well with JW. Dekader has had a relative slow star. He just needs to get back to his gun-ho self and stop worrying about taking penalties. I think his he is just over thinking his game.. Obviously taking penalties isn't good, But Justin didn't get to this point by thinking, he did it by playing. So go out there and do what you do best.