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  1. Another "First Trip To The Joe!" Thread

    I normally fly in for a long weekend from VA on my pilgrimages to the Joe. We stay at the RenCen and walk along the river to the Joe. If it's cold or bad weather you can take the people mover. It's all pretty convenient. Enjoy your trip.
  2. Red Wings Fans in Virginia

    I'm one of the N. VA Wings fans. I was at the Caps/Wings game Tuesday night as well. I tend to watch the games via NHL Center Ice on Directv. Every other year or so i make a pilgramage to Detroit to visit some cousins and the Joe. The Wings get semi close to this area again in April when they play the Flyers. i'm thinking of making the drive to Philly then for a weekend to see them. I inherited the Wings. I grew up in So. Cal to parents who were born and raised in Plymouth (Dad) and Wayne (Mom). It was nice when Gretzky was traded to the Kings but I already was engrained in the ways of the winged wheel by then.
  3. Favorite team or teams OTHER than the Wings

    I live in the DC Area (so CAPS), wife's family is upstate NY (Sabres), raised in So Cal (go Kings), family is from MI so was raised by my folks as a Wings fan. Of course, if I'm in a city visiting and there's a hockey club (NHL, AHL, ECHL, amateur) I'll normally take in a game as I love hockey overall too (no matter the team). As you can see, I've picked up a few "kinda like" teams along the way. There is only one team that has all of my heart though - that's the Wings.
  4. Debating another jersey.

    That's what I did this past year - a Zetterberg jersey with last years SC patch on it. Unfortunately, the Wings lost when they came and played the Caps in DC this year. It's still an awesome jersey. I also couldn't help myself last year and splurged for a Lidstrom Winter Classic jersey. It wouldn't surprise me if they come up with something different for the games in Sweden this year, but unless it's both different and "cool" I don't know that I would buy another just yet.
  5. Debating another jersey.

    Personally, for modern I'd have to add Lidstrom and Zetterberg into consideration.
  6. Z's missing A

    As I watched tonights game against the Ducks something seemed wrong with Hank's uniform. I later realized the A was missing. It was there against the Preds last game. I've not seen anything in the press about a change in alternates. Does anyone have any news on this?
  7. Ovechkin

    I live in the DC area and am a Wings fan first though I root for the Caps when the Wings aren't in town. The tickets were a Christmas present from my wife. I thought they included a guaranteed win for the Wings, but I guess she forgot that part. Anyway, for 2/3 of the game the Wings made sure that they had Lidstrom on Ovie. It was quite a match to see. Lidstrom was able to skate backwards as fast as Ovie can skate forward. As much as I've always liked Lidstrom, his skating against Ovie raised my appreciation of him to a new level. Part of it was just a 44 year old liking an older player getting the better of a young gun at least for a little while. I've been to quite a few Caps/Wings games over the years. This is the first time the Caps matched the Wings stride for stride, shot for shot. Ovie has some help in Backstrom and Semin. Theodore in net is also an upgrade. Lastly, I have to take my hat off to Conks yesterday. He made some incredible stops that I'm not sure the Osgood of late would have made. I realize I've strayed slightly off topic here. Suffice it so say, it was an incredible game to be at and had the feel of a playoff game.