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    McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

    NHL Network has stated that Rusty was on the flight. This is too much.
  3. w1ng3dLV

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 10

    Friday, December 10 Montreal at Detroit New Jersey at Ottawa Colorado at Atlanta Carolina at Dallas Tampa Bay at Edmonton Calgary at Anaheim Saturday, December 11 Philadelphia at Boston Pittsburgh at Buffalo Detroit at New Jersey x2 Atlanta at NY Islanders Montreal at Toronto Colorado at Washington NY Rangers at Columbus Carolina at St. Louis Dallas at Phoenix Florida at Nashville Tampa Bay at Vancouver Minnesota at Los Angeles Chicago at San Jose Sunday, December 12 Washington at NY Rangers Vancouver at Edmonton Minnesota at Anaheim
  4. w1ng3dLV

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 9

    Friday, December 3 Colorado at Carolina NY Islanders at NY Rangers Columbus at Buffalo Calgary at Minnesota Vancouver at Chicago Detroit at Anaheim Saturday, December 4 New Jersey at Philadelphia x2 San Jose at Montreal Buffalo at Ottawa Boston at Toronto Atlanta at Washington Pittsburgh at Columbus Colorado at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Dallas Florida at Phoenix Carolina at Nashville St. Louis at Edmonton Detroit at Los Angeles Sunday, December 5 Philadelphia at NY Islanders Ottawa at NY Rangers Calgary at Chicago Phoenix at Anaheim St. Louis at Vancouver
  5. w1ng3dLV

    Weekend Picks '10-'11- Week 8 [Thanksgiving]

    Friday, November 26 Carolina at Boston New Jersey at NY Islanders Calgary at Philadelphia Ottawa at Pittsburgh Nashville at Minnesota Chicago at Anaheim Tampa Bay at Washington Detroit at Columbus Toronto at Buffalo NY Rangers at Florida Montreal at Atlanta St. Louis at Dallas San Jose at Vancouver Saturday, November 27 Philadelphia at New Jersey Calgary at Pittsburgh Buffalo at Montreal Toronto at Ottawa Florida at Tampa Bay Dallas at St. Louis Anaheim at Phoenix NY Rangers at Nashville Minnesota at Colorado San Jose at Edmonton Chicago at Los Angeles Sunday, November 28 Columbus at Detroit x2 Carolina at Washington Boston at Atlanta
  6. w1ng3dLV

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 7

    Ranked 69! w00t! Friday, November 19 Carolina at Pittsburgh Los Angeles at Buffalo Minnesota at Detroit x2 Washington at Atlanta Ottawa at St. Louis Chicago at Calgary Phoenix at Edmonton NY Rangers at Colorado Columbus at Anaheim Saturday, November 20 Los Angeles at Boston Tampa Bay at Buffalo Nashville at Carolina Toronto at Montreal Florida at NY Islanders Philadelphia at Washington Colorado at Dallas New Jersey at St. Louis NY Rangers at Minnesota Chicago at Vancouver Columbus at San Jose Sunday, November 21 Calgary at Detroit NY Islanders at Atlanta Edmonton at Anaheim Phoenix at Vancouver
  7. w1ng3dLV

    Dan Cleary

    He's an amazing player to watch. Strong work ethic and grit. Read some articles that stated he couldn't even walk up stairs during the off season proves how banged up he was last year. I'm glad to see a productive, and healthy Cleary at his best. Do they still play "I can see clearly now" after he scores? Very happy for him.
  8. w1ng3dLV

    11/17 GDT: Blues 3 at Red Wings 7

    Im also wishing for a win on my 37th. It's awesome that we share the 17th. Enjoy your first day being legal, and Let's Go Wings! Cheers to you, Jollymania!
  9. w1ng3dLV

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 6

    For some reason...I thought tomorrow was Friday. ::fail:: Saturday, November 13 Ottawa at Boston Washington at Buffalo Colorado at Detroit x2 Carolina at Montreal Florida at Philadelphia Vancouver at Toronto Pittsburgh at Atlanta St. Louis at Phoenix Chicago at Nashville Calgary at San Jose NY Islanders at Los Angeles Sunday, November 14 Edmonton at NY Rangers Minnesota at Tampa Bay Atlanta at Washington Anaheim at Chicago
  10. w1ng3dLV

    Howie's New Mask

    Sweet! Thanks for the link. I knew that Howard had a 3rd mask that he was going to reveal, just didn't expect him to switch mid game.
  11. w1ng3dLV

    Howie's New Mask

    He wore the ock helmet until they scored. The camera panned on him while he made the change, but no comment was made at all about it. I thought it was a superstitious move, but it well couldve been to break it in.
  12. w1ng3dLV

    Howie's New Mask

    I'm sure someone has already posted this, but I was trying to find a link to it. During tonight's game, Howie wore his new helmet after EDM scored their first goal. (Merge/Delete if necessary) If anyone has any better pictures, please post. Was kind of surprised he didn't wear it from the beginning, simply could have been a superstitious move.
  13. w1ng3dLV

    Class Act Organization

    That is simply awesome. Cancer has somehow touched everyone of us, and my prayers are with you and your family. I've recently lost my mother through complications from her cancer, and my fiance was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer last year and is now in remission through both treatment and surgery. I'm very blessed today with a son that was born last month on the 12th, and he truly is our miracle. Keep hold of your loved ones, and I'm glad that your family had an experience of a lifetime to meet and experience a Classy Organization first hand.
  14. w1ng3dLV

    Weekend Picks 2010-2011 - Week 5

    Never done this before...what they hey! Friday, November 5 NY Rangers at New Jersey x2 Boston at Washington Montreal at Buffalo Carolina at Florida Calgary at Minnesota Phoenix at Dallas Detroit at Edmonton Pittsburgh at Anaheim Saturday, November 6 St. Louis at Boston Florida at Carolina Ottawa at Montreal Philadelphia at NY Islanders Buffalo at Toronto Chicago at Atlanta Minnesota at Columbus Dallas at Colorado Pittsburgh at Phoenix Nashville at Los Angeles Detroit at Vancouver Tampa Bay at San Jose Sunday, November 7 Philadelphia at Washington Edmonton at Chicago St. Louis at NY Rangers Nashville at Anaheim
  15. w1ng3dLV

    11/3 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Flames 1

    As many of you had mentioned before, I'm glad this is an issue, because it shows we're stacked. Bab's has no desire to pull Ab's, if he wasn't injured, he would've been a mainstay. Looking at all the Forward lines, the 4th line is sick! They truly can wear down a team in the opposing team's end. Hud's should get a shot Friday against the Oilers, and I foresee him given many opportunities if he plays. I don't agree with Mo' or anyone on the 3rd line being pulled simply because they all did well tonight. It's a truly tough call that Bab's has to make if he were to change the lines, but either way, I see it as an opportunity to showcase their depth. Truly can't wait to see what happens (that is if Bab's already made his decision).