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  1. Favorite player on each respective team

    Anaheim - Getzlaf Atlanta - Kozlov Boston - Thomas Buffalo - Pominville Calgary - Kiprusoff Carolina - Staal Chicago - Kane Colorado - Sakic Columbus - Nash Dallas - Modano Detroit - Zetterberg Edmonton - Hemsky Florida - Horton Los Angeles - Brown Minnesota - Backstrom Montreal - Koivu Nashville - Arnott New Jersey - Shanahan/Brodeur NY Islanders - Streit NY Rangers - Antropov Ottawa - Spezza Philadelphia -Hatcher Phoenix - Doan Pittsburgh - Crosby San Jose - Thornton St. Louis - Backes Tampa Bay - Lecavalier Toronto - Blake Vancouver - Sundin Washington - Ovechkin
  2. Your SCF or WCF pick?

    Well sense we are pretending WCF: CHI vs DAL ECF: NJD vs WSH SCF: CHI vs NJD CUP CHAMPS: NJD (IF the wings end up getting knocked out of the playoffs, would love to see Brody add a cup to his collection. It be nice to add to the fact he will be breaking ROY's record this year.) But on the real I would love to see an all original six final four!(conference) That would be sweet. Plus I think a DET vs CHI WCF would draw good ratings cuz of their rivalry
  3. Which Wings have disappointed you this year?

    Sense this is a fan website, and the thread is WHich wings have disappointed you? He answered properly. Rafalski has disappointed him thus far. Rafalski has had some atrocious give-aways this year. YEah he may be 2nd in points behind Lids but turnovers can abso-freakin-lutley kill a team
  4. Which Wings have impressed you this year?

    Leino for sure and Huds. It's nice to see Huds have his breakout season. I agree with alot of people who agree that he infact could put up datsyuk numbers if given the minuts
  5. Boogaard Suspended 5 Games

    Couldn't have said it better myself!
  6. Which Wings have disappointed you this year?

    Ozzie Flip Draper Kronwall
  7. How do you fix this team's defensive problems?

    I wish we could trade Meech for Dandenault. I always liked him, he was a solid, versatile player as he could play both Forward or D-Man. No he wasnt a superstar at either position but he doesnt male alot of speed. Dandy is like Lebda but is an upgrade over him Agreed/ I dont know why either. I know we havent been llike ourselves for long stretches this year, I am not not panicking, simply because the last 4 cup runs we faced adversity near the end of the season.(Well maybe not the 02 team ) But if you notice two, the team that usually wins the cup goes through some advertsity and then come play off time they have a reason to play "Hungry". in the last1 2 playoffs our failures came alot of the time because they would just cruise through the season and the team would usually lose it's passion. I'm not freakin out because yes he is a back up but I would be comfortable with him starting in the playoffs. Yes I am a huge Ozzy supporter but, just would not be comfortable. For some reason I would be with conks.
  8. Datsyuk's 500th career point!

    Awsome Dats Seems like it came so fast. Its great to be a red wings fan!
  9. Schneider traded to Candiens for a 2nd and 3rd.

    OMG r u for real????? I wish all original 6 would make the playoffs. How sweet would it be for a Original 6 SCF
  10. Retire #'s 18,25,33,96

    Agreed, Not retiring them but they could be taken out of circulation for a while. They next numbers that should be retired are obvious: #5, #13 and #40 #30 should be reitired because I believe Ozzy has done more than alot of people who r in the HOF and for the most part he has done it within the same organization, That being said, the next 2 should be #5 and #30
  11. A new netminder?

    As bad as he has played this year, that would be so disrespectfull to osgood. He has been a big part of our team(minus when he was dumped a few years back for legace) His number better be retired when his careers over. I don't give a s*** whether or not he has put up HOF numbers or not, wait on second thought....... 3 cups, Red WIngs all time winninest playoff goaltender. 2nd in wins(within our organization behind Sawchuk. That alone deserves his number to be retired
  12. A new netminder?

    I personally have liked what I have seen from conklin thus far. I would have no problem with him being the starter come april.............
  13. An Odd Feeling

    Good point, I guess with all the stars on our team he kinda goes unnoticed to me
  14. Check out my Red Wings Stanley Cup Championship Newspapers!

    If I wasnt so attached to mine I would sell you it. But sense the 1998 championship run I have bought a paper everytime the Wings have won a playoff game and only keep the fron page and sports section. I have every paper from 1998 till now. (it's my tradition I guess!)
  15. Marty Lapointe

    Does anyone know why he didn't sign with anyone this year?