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  1. Ya know, the Thrashers might just be on to something

    Hey guys - I am the wife. My husband has no interest in hockey. I have been a fan all my life. I had season tics to the Kzoo Wings when I was in high school. Since I live in Alabama now, I love Center Ice and go to Atlanta whenever the Wings are in town. As for the "Blue Crew" many teams are doing this- especially the newer teams in the league. I don't think any of the original 6 teams have cheerleaders in tight outfits. I think this is so not right. It is not part of the tradition of the great sport we all love. The NHL has changed enough.
  2. Lilja out Indefinitely

    I am not a Lilja fan, never have been. In the future, I think he will think more carefully before dropping the gloves. He was no match for Webber. It is time for Downey to come up and protect. Every team needs a smart enforcer. Someone who knows when to drop them and when not. If we are missing one piece on this team, that would be it.
  3. Hossa & Franzen?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    It is gonna be tough to keep them both. It will either be long contracts with bonuses and lesser amounts per year, or Flip and Sammy have to go. I don't see them letting Hud go.
  4. Trade Deadline

    I know that Ozzy has been really off his game this year - from the first game, but there is no way they are gonna make any goalie changes. Conk has shown he can be a starter and Howard needs a few more games to see what he is capable of. Cap is too tight and they are working too hard on Hossa, Franzen, & Hudler. If any deals are to be made before deadline, it will be trading Ericsson from GR and getting a D man for the playoffs that can fit into the cap.
  5. Top 3 All Time Antagonists

    I think that every team that plays the Wings sends out as many antagonists as possible. They know we don't throw down often. Over the years there have been many. I agree with all stated thus far. This season I especially hate the Ducks entire team- Pronger needs to retire, Jackman, Ott - of course won't fight with his hand healing, Crosby - he is not the wonder boy. I think there is a difference between good antagonists and those who seek to injur.
  6. Red Wings' Darren McCarty back on the ice

    First of all this is my first post... Mac brings an incredible energy to the lockeroom and to the ice. He loves the game not the $$. Not many players in this league can say that. The team will need him when playoffs get here and the opposing team thinks that the only way to beat us is by physically hurting us.