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  1. WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

    Had this song in my head all day
  2. I GOT IT!

    alright, alright, ladies, sorry about the crudeness. Just trying to have a little fun. But just out of curiosity, what's got your tampons all twisted? Was it the Fruity **** comment, or the hot piece of ass comment.
  3. I GOT IT!

    Ahh yes Lindsey Soto. I do believe they ought to give Christine Simpson the walking papers and bring up litlle MS. Fruity ****, I mean Lindsey Soto
  4. I GOT IT!

    Is it just me? Or is Christine Simpson the most annoying chick ever. I have hated her pretty much since last years first game against Anaheim when she asked Chris Pronger a question for the ages. "do you think the Anaheim ducks will repeat and win the Stanley Cup?" Wow. Really? First game of the season, and ask that? So what I want to know is what happened to Fruity ****? Don't know what her name is, but she covered the Anaheim, and chicago series with Detroit. She was not only hot, but she asked really good questions to the coaches, and players, and didn't look like the male version of Garth from Waynes World. Not that it matters now, because there won't be anymore games on versus, but damn I hate that *****. Sorry for the random thread, just had to get it off my chest
  5. Create-a-Caption

    TRUST He said you were supposed to tell him when you were about to jizz
  6. Who else just heard Linny?

    Kinda ironic she chimming in with "Dead Wings", when the Colorado Cocksmokers are in what place this year?
  7. SCF refs

    The elbow to Homer in front of the net was brutal. Other than that, no major grievances.
  8. Why do you like the Red Wings?

    Grew up in the D. Mom is from Canada, saw my first game in the old Olympia Stadium in 77 when I was 5. Don't remember much of it except, the wings were playing the Flyers, one of whom was hit so hard, he was bleeding and convulsing on the ice (ahh the good ol days) Been a die hard ever since and have the tat to prove it. Was a fan in the lean years, and not afraid to admit that I cried in 97 when Stevie raised the cup. *spelling*
  9. You guys have GOT to see this.

    Say what you want about the reffing throughout the rest of the game, the not-goal wasnt a bad call by the ref. He lost sight of the puck, half the people on the ice thought hiller had it covered (as did I). The refs are trained to blow the whistle as soon as they lose sight of the puck. Not a bad call Not a conspiracy That being said, overall the refereeing was pretty bad tonight there ya go
  10. You guys have GOT to see this.

    It isn't shocking, or am I complaining that they shouldn't be complaining. I just think it's ******* hilarious. And for the record, I was not on here screaming of conspiracy after any of the games.
  11. You guys have GOT to see this.

    It gets even better. Check this out: All I have to say it is very hard to play with 6 players for the Ducks against 6 Red Wings, 2 linemen and 2 refs. So let's see 6 vs 10...who do you think will win. I have almost given up. As much as I love the Ducks and will be a fan forever, I have just lost all faith in the NHL Officials. The Red Wings get away with murder. It is just not fair. How can you play a fair game with those kind of odds. If I was the Ducks players, I would be completely frustrated. In the first period, Pronger gets a high stick to the head, NO CALL, and the numerous holding, interference, etc and nothing called on Detroit. How can we compete against that? The boys are working so hard out there and nothing to show for it. Anyway, Tuesday is going to be a good game and I hope the Ducks can show the will and determination to win like they did in Games 2 and 3, if not we are done. GO DUCKS WIN...BEAT THE WINGS LoveMyDucks
  12. You guys have GOT to see this.

    ******* hilarious. Tried to reply but they turned of my posting permission.
  13. Great article. Had me choked up there for a minute. Pavel is really a great guy. Reminds me of a good story about when I met him a few years back. So I flew up to Detroit to see some friends and catch a few games back in the 04-05 season. My brother came out from Kalamazoo so we could watch the Wings and the Blews, and turns out it was a great game with the Wings pulling it out in the third with under 2 minutes left. After the game, already nicely inebriated, we decide to hit the Greektown casino to play a little black jack. I did pretty decently and won around $500, and at this point, I didn't think the night could get much better. I went to cash out at the casino cage, and couldn't help notice the odd shape of the guys head in front of me, and I thought to myself, "where do I know this dude from?" Before I could put it together he turns around, after cashing out himself, and it's non other than Pavel himself, face to face with me. I was a little taken back, and drunk, so, like a moron, the best I could muster was a half point of my finger and a "Hey, Your Pavel Datsyuk." He smiled back and nodded his head and said "uh huh." I hurriedly asked if he wouldn't mind signing my Stevie practice jersey and he said "sure." I even had to ask a worker in the casino cage for a pen; they didn't have a sharpie. He signs, and figured I would ask if I can get a picture of he and I on my camera phone, when this dufess comes running up, shaking a piece of paper in his face, and saying " your my favorite player" So before Pav signs his autograph, I ask the guy to take our picture with my camera phone. He does, and when I look at the pic, it is all blurry, and doesn't come out, because the guy is a total spazz, and moves his hand while getting the shot. Pav finishes with spazz boy, looks at me and can probably tell I am disappointed by the look on my face. I didn't know what to do but thought I would ask if he would come over to the bar where my brother was to take the pic, who had long since given up his money to a very amusing Philippino lady dealer at the tables, and who was WAY out of his tree from all the Jack and Cokes. I was expecting for him to say no, but to my surprise, he said "sure, no problem" I couldn't believe it. So here is Dats and I walking across the casino, and I don't know if he could understand anything I was saying, but I told him how much we (Wings fans) appreciate him, and that he was the future of the team. He pretty much smiled and nodded. After a good 2 minute walk to the bar, we find my brother sitting there, sipping a jack and coke of course. I said to him "look who I found." He, not recognizing him says " who's that? somebody from North? (Grosse Pointe North). I say "NO YOU ******* JACKASS, it's Pavel Datsyuk" My brother opens his squinted eyes a little more and says"oohhhh, what's up man" So me, thoroughly embarrassed at this point, introduce him to my bro, who Pav must of thought was hilarious by the laugh and smile he let out. My Brother takes the picture, and amazingly enough, it comes out. After I ask if we can buy him a drink, which he respectfully declines, but says "nice to meet you" shakes our hands and walks off. My brother and I look at each other, as I slap him in the back of the head, and say " that was pretty cool" Long story short; A super nice guy, very humble, and generous, and deserving of a $47 million contract.
  14. Detroit's Hot New Prospect!

    what's up with Grigorenko? Is he ever gonna make it here, or do a stint in GR?
  15. Playoff Plans!

    I am hoping we will be playing Dallas in the playoffs. If we do you can bet I will be there for a game or two. The Old #7 club before, during, and after the game is a must if you have never been to the AA center for a game. I'll be the one wearing a Dutsyuk practice jersey, and double-fisting vodka Red Bulls. If anyone living in the San Antonio area wants to get something going for the games, let me know.