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  1. Eklund trade rumor almost makes sense

    It all depends on how good of a pick or prospect we can get for him. I don't want to do trade Sammy for garbage, he can still hep us in the playoffs, but if they make us an offer we cant refuse?
  2. Retire #'s 18,25,33,96

    Dude you are way of on Fedorov. His 3 cups and total points as a Wing already put him a head of some players with jerseys retired.
  3. Retire #'s 18,25,33,96

    My vote would for placing #18 - Maltby, #25 McCarty, #33 Draper and #96 Homer in the rafters Sorry, I love those guys, but no way. #5 will up yes, and actually #91 really should guy up when he retires. I know lots of people in the D still hate him, but numbers don't lie. For all time Red Wing forwards he is right behind Howe and Yzerman.
  4. This Idea

  5. Next years team

    Here is the reality- (add 3 zeros-you get the idea) forwards defensemen Goalies Pav-6,700 Nick-7,450 Ozzie-1,416 Hank-6,084 Rafalski-6,000 Howard-716 Filppula-3,000 Stuart-3,750 Cleary-2,800 Kronwall-3,000 Homer-2,250 Lilja-1,250 Draper-1,583 Ericsson-900 Maltby-883 Lebda-650 Helm-599 Meech-483 These are all the Wings players under contract and GR guys out of options. Our cap hit right now is-49,514,00 If the cap stays the same that gives us 7,184,000 to sign 4 forwards. And we are stuck with Howard backing up Ozzie? Lets say we re-sign Leino for 1,000 and Kopecky for 650 (thats 125,000 raises for each) and call up Abdelkader -850. Add another 2.5 million to our cap to bring us up to-52,014,000. We would still have 4,684 left. Thats enough to pay Franzen but not Hossa. So my Question, Do we- A- roll with above team (no Hossa)? B- trade Filppula or Kronwall, giving us another 3 million, replace one of those guys for a 500,000 player, NOT resign Franzen and KEEP Hossa? C- trade Rafalski to keep Hossa and Franzen? D- None of the above? I can think of no other way, and remember Stuart has a no trade clause for 2 seasons.
  6. How about this idea

    you are on crack. this would gut our team of grit and heart. I would not touch Gaborik with a 10 foot pole. we do not need him. We need Cleary and Homer.
  7. Clutterbuck's Hit

    Clutterbuck is starting to get a rep as a hard/dirty hitter. It looked like charging to me. I love to see guys finish checks. don't get me wrong. However, Clutterbuck seems to be crossing the line a lot theses days. I have noticed a lot of talk around the NHL about his style. All I have to say is that he continues to take runs at guys and leave his feet (which he did a few times against the Wings), he better drop the gloves when the time comes.