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  1. Giving up Tatar AND Nyquist and Smith for Fowler and Trouba would make our team worse, plus giving up or first. I think now I officially hate Trouba.
  2. $12 budget team: Holmstrom-Datsyuk-Sheppard Fetisov-Larson Hasek
  3. You misspelled "Kevin".
  4. Helm has 3 goals as well. Would like to see his line get some extra time. Larkin at 3rd C. Ouellet's been decent the last couple. Not so much the first two I thought. Marchneko has a better history, plus gives us the L-R combo on each line. LGRW!
  5. AA was on the first line in his first game and still didn't do anything. The kind of player he is, playing on a lower line should give him a better opportunity to stand out. He didn't have much problem doing so last year. We need to stop blaming Miller and Glendening for everything. He won't be out long anyway, unless they swap him for Mantha.
  6. But unless we're trading Dekeyser (which would kind of defeat the purpose), we don't have what the Jets want in return. Plus we may still need to clear some extra cap. We wouldn't need to clear that much to fit Fowler. Dump Smith for a pick. Not exactly a big trade. Another small trade to dump Ouellet or Marchenko, or just waive someone. And that's only one of a handful of options. We're not a great trade fit in either case, but I'd say it's a bit more likely that we can free up a little cap space than we can convince the Jets to change what they're asking for.
  7. Best part is that 15g, 37p isn't even bad. It's still top-6 range.
  8. 3 million or so reasons. Retaining $900k is better than paying Pavelec $3.9 million to play in the AHL.
  9. Kings currently have about $16M in cap space. 2.5 if they send us Zatkoff. Waive Budaj when Quick comes back put's them at 3.1, or 3.4 if they waived Howard. So the cap would work if we retained $1.9M or more. They probably wouldn't want Howard anyway, since they're not exactly overflowing with cap space next year. But maybe they think Vegas would take him if his salary was only $3M-ish. Pavelec would be more attractive though, and the Jets wouldn't have to retain as much. All in all, I'd give a 0.03% chance. Maybe 0.04% if Jimmy makes himself look good tonight.
  10. One thing to note; despite what the article claims Russo is still waiver exempt next season. Of all the jokes in that post, this was by far the funniest. It is overpaying. Grossly even.
  11. No misinterpretation at all. I'm not arguing with the concept. I was arguing with the reality of the suggestion to trade Mrazek for Trouba. I brought up the Jets because Trouba plays for them. He's (arguably) their third best defenseman. He hasn't made their defense good enough. So why would people think he would come here, as our #1, and make our defense so good? Same thing I meant when I responded to you. Doesn't matter that a great defense can make up for a less-than-great goalie; Trouba wouldn't make us a great defense.
  12. You think Trouba makes us the Blackhawks?
  13. How's that been working for the Jets?
  14. Vezina goalies lose games too. Sometimes they let in bad goals, get lit up, and look bad. Fair point, but there's always the option of lottery protection. Also, being that Fowler and Trouba are still pretty young, it's not like it'd be some big hit to our future.
  15. Well, it's not something that requires convincing. It's not an opinion, it's factual data. But my point was just that Glendening shouldn't be lumped in with Miller and Ott, which you seem to agree with anyway. I'm not sure replacing Miller with Mantha, regardless of how the lines are put together, would really change anything, but I'm not opposed to it. And I'm sure Mantha will see a fair number of games this year anyway. I assume AA, as long as he's healthy, will be in more often than not, and every game if he looks like he did last year.