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  1. Athanasiou Rumor

    Different arguments. I said I didn't think $3M would be a bad deal, and I don't. I like him and I think he would be worth it, especially if it was for a longer term. But I also said it was above market value, which it is, and which is what I'm arguing now. Maybe I am contrarian. I get annoyed by this whole dynamic. Something doesn't go exactly the way we want and it's 'so and so is an idiot', or 'that guy sucks', always attacking something, everything extreme. There aren't any villains here. Neither side is really wrong, and you'll notice I haven't once been critical of AA for holding out or asking for more. It's a negotiation. It would be great if every one went smoothly, and both sides got exactly what they wanted on day one, but that's not how the world works. Judging by the closest comparables we can find, what Holland is offering is a fair deal. AA and his agent are trying to make their case as to why he deserves more (and I would assume that case amounts to more than calling Holland an idiot for past decisions and saying "no one compares to AA"). That's what we should expect. Kind of sucks that it's taking this long, but that happens sometimes. If we can keep our difficult RFA negotiations down to once every 20 years, then we should all send Holland and all of the agents he's dealt with a fruit basket or something.
  2. Athanasiou Rumor

    You're exaggerating a bit. His goals/60 was tied for 29th among forwards playing 30 or more games, trailing such "superstars" as Brett Connolly, Nazem Kadri, Michael Grabner, and Tyler Pitlick. While it is very good, you shouldn't ignore that it is a small sample size. Magnus Paajarvi scored at an almost identical rate and just signed for 1yr/$800K, because he isn't actually good despite his great stats in a small sample. Vanek, who was a UFA, better in every way while with the Wings, and has a history of very good scoring just got $2M for 1 year. I would also argue with your second point. We have 7 other forwards who could potentially score 20+ goals (or 6 if we don't think Zetterberg can do it anymore). Another handful that could score in the teens. I don't believe our scoring issues have been the result of individual ability, nor that AA is as vital as you suggest. I think Svech could probably step into AAs role and give reasonably close results. Parenteau scored 20 just two years ago. You've said previously that you believe Frk could be a decent depth scorer. The most we should reasonably expect from AA over whatever replacement is maybe 5-10 goals. He's not a make-or-break player. And I don't think anyone has any issue with trading Sheahan. I think Holland just doesn't want to trade him and then see AA sign in Russia anyway. Probably not in love with the idea of trading low on him either. But it should be noted that we do not have to trade Sheahan (or anyone else) before we sign AA. We can go over the cap by another ~$4.5 million for now, so we have plenty of room. We would just have get compliant by the start of the season. In the end, everyone is making this out to be a way bigger deal than it really is. There's usually a few RFA holdouts every year, and most are likely due to things we fans would think are small issues. A little money, or an extra year. Why don't they just give it to him, or why doesn't he just take the deal. It'll eventually get worked out, and everyone will forget about it.
  3. Pre-Season Games

    Frk's going to be our new Callahan. No one going to give up on him until he's gone. Our problems on the PP, when we have had them, have been in establishing offensive-zone possession and efficient puck movement; not our shooters.
  4. Riley Sheahan ( aka Mr Teletubby)

    3C isn't a position you would look to "solidify". It's a tweak you make, if needed, once you've got the important stuff covered. Like PVD, I think Sheahan has become superfluous with all the centers we have for the short/mid-term (and I even think Sheahan has the tools to be a better 3C than Helm), plus Larkin, Ras, AA, future picks and/or UFAs..., our center depth should not be an issue. If anything, we should worry about having too many 3C options without any good 1C options (and I think that probably is the fear of most). I had some hope that a switch to wing might result in a Franzen-esque emergence for Sheahan, but then basically the exact opposite of that happened. I don't necessarily want to just get rid of him for cap space. But if we can get that plus also some decent asset for a player who doesn't seem to have much of a role here going forward...
  5. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    Self-awareness on Tavares' part. A somewhat too subtle insinuation that he isn't capable of being "the guy", and therefore should be looking to play second fiddle somewhere.
  6. Pierre McGuire on Wings-Tavares

    If I were going to pay a player ~$9M+ I would expect him to believe that he gives me a chance to win a cup rather than someone looking for a team to carry him. If even he doesn't believe he would be "the answer" here, it would just be more evidence that he, in fact, wouldn't be (not that his career thus far isn't ample evidence of that). So we shouldn't even want him. I understand that if he becomes available we more or less have to make a bid, but I hope you all are right and he wouldn't want to come here. Would both save us from signing him and demonstrate a refreshing level of self-awareness.
  7. Athanasiou Rumor

    It may be true that the RFA market is changing, but it's certainly not drastic. Some players are skipping the typical bridge deal, most still aren't (albeit very often because they don't yet have enough NHL experience when their ELCs expire). But the ironic thing here is doing so would generally be a bad thing for the player, as it would delay their big payday. If there's someone looking to resist that trend in the RFA market, logically it would be AA. And we're not looking for a discount, per se, just market value (as could be derived from the deals given Donskoi, Lindberg, Faska, Hyman, Dzingel, Andrighetto, Nemestnikov, Rieder, Baertschi, Borwn and probably a few I missed). You could say that all RFAs are a bit of a discount relative to UFAs, or you could go the other way and say UFAs cost more (without being "worth" more) because you have to pay a premium in order to acquire them. It might be true that we would have already made a better offer if we had more cap space, but the fact that we don't have the space to offer what we're already offering and could in fact already offer more based on the logical move we would already have to make suggests otherwise. I'm guessing they'll end up settling somewhere in the $2.1-2.3 range.
  8. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I said, "partner who complements his skills", not, "elite superstar to carry him". He meshed pretty well with Quincey, and looked like a decent top pair in 14-15. Blashill messed them up a bit, but still wasn't terrible. Someone positionally reliable who can make a good pass. Like a Spurgeon or Stralman type, though ideally someone with the muscle to clear the crease when needed.
  9. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I think it was a combination of Green/Jensen and Blashill, plus just the overall bad luck of the team, making Dekeyser look bad. His role and usage has not changed much since he started here, and his first two years under Babcock were significantly better. In Blashill's first year, paired with Quincey mostly, was also better despite being somewhat more defensively deployed. I think he is a passable top pair, with a partner who complements his skills at least. Not sure we have that partner for him though.
  10. Athanasiou Rumor

    You're off base on this one. For one, even to give the $1.9 offer he has to move Sheahan (or do something similar). Doing that would actually give us ~$2.3 for AA if we replace Sheahan with Bertuzzi (or ~$2.1 with Svech), without making any other moves or any LTIR besides Franzen. It doesn't seem likely that the cap situation is the main issue, or even necessarily an issue at all. Looking around the league at comparable players puts the market value at right around $1.9 for 2 years; just what we're offering. Unlikely that is a coincidence. Is he worth more? Maybe, depending on how you want to define "worth", and I would guess we'll end up settling a little higher. But we are absolutely not lowballing him, much less insultingly so. You like AA, so you're letting your emotions cloud your reasoning.
  11. Wonder what the odds are for the 1st overall...

    Sign Holland to a 20 year extension!
  12. DRW Training Camp 2017

    That is highly unlikely due to the cap situation. Might be possible if we were to dump both Ouellet and Sproul, and let Witkowski serve double-duty as both 13th F and 7th D, but I don't see that happening. Could also work if Mrazek gets dealt, but I don't think the interest is out there right now for that. Assuming no one gets hurt, Sheahan seems to be the only realistic trade candidate, then either go with just 12 F or dump one of Ouellet/Sproul and sign Parenteau or call up Svech. Though I'm guessing someone will end up hurt.
  13. Fisch is now titled as, "Director of Player Evaluation". Sounds like he's moved to more of scouting role, but still somewhat similar.
  14. Little Caesars Sneak Peek

    Lol. You say that like crowded trough pissing is any better when you know the people.