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  1. You have a problem with gays? Well f*** you You dickwad.
  2. When are you people going to figure out that the Canadians will always get the better end in the officiating because 80% of the officials are CANADIAN. Any day of the week watch an NHL game and it is so f***in obvious you gotta be blind to not see it.
  3. f*** NO. I could never respect a player that jumps on a players back and pounds him in the nuts when the player already has another guy holding him down and pounding on his head. He is a f***in classless dickwad.
  4. GDT

    Man, it's tough when you put your stupidity out there for all the world to see and have a good laugh about....I wonder if anyone ever told him or if they just let him carry that frickin thing around all day????????
  5. GDT

    Let's hope it continues and that the Wings Coach, GM and Vice President have nightmares about the 2010 olympic games.......
  6. Well, when there is a goalie in net it's gawdamn distracting!!
  7. Good for you. Canada has some of the worst s***bags in the NHL on their team so screw em.
  8. So why do you read it?
  9. Well, I heard that he has a blowup Bettman doll for road games. Bet ya can't guess where the Nozzle is.......
  10. Too bad he wasn't taken off on a stretcher.
  11. OH MY
  12. With Babcock determined to play Lidstrom with Rafalski then I would put him with Ericsson on the 3rd pairing.
  13. Ya know what, I don't give a s*** about the salary cap. The f***in point I was trying to make is that neither player is earning their pay. Now you can agree or disagree I really don't care and as far as I'm concerned this discussion is over.