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  1. Wings' first draft pick - 22nd overall

    i dont know much about the guys your talking about but im kinda of shocked no one has mentioned Jeff Skinner. this kid can plain out score goals. i've looked at mocks and they have him so high in the top 10 which isnt right, hes late first round talent. ive watched him play enough this year to see the knocks on him. he isnt the best skater in the world but lets be honest here, if holmer can play with mule and pav then this kid can. the stats speak for themselves:(note: 2010 OHL Playoffs Stats) 1 Taylor Hall Windsor Spitfires 19gp 17g 18a 35pts 2 Jeff Skinner Kitchener Rangers 20gp 20g 13a 33 pts scouts will be scared off due to the lack of skating but im high on this kid becoming a BIG time goal scorer in the nhl if surrounded by the right cast. and another kid I love to watch and has easily become my favourite OHL player is a hometown boy in Jared Knight. this kid has balls and can skate..size is an issue but he is NOT afriad to back down and will crash the net to pot goals. He is very strong lower body and reminds me of kane, not the offensive upside like Kane but the small frame and strong lower body. same stats as above Jared Knight London Knights 12gp 10g 7a 17pts
  2. Would Nik Antropov Fit In As A Wing?

    here me out first. ok i know we had our leaf tryout once with cujo and that didnt work out that well. but say we can't sign hossa which as bad as i would love him i dont think we will. Do you think Nik Antropov would work for us. He's a big body at 6'6". He has hands. He can score. Yes he's playing with the leafs but he's there only offence and doesnt have anyone to play with. If you put him with z or dats i think he could produce 40 goals. becasue lets face it holmer isn't going to be around forever (i wish he would play till he died!) putting a big body like him and place him infront of the net he can produce. and i can tell you right now we have some players that are expenable. (emmerton, mcgrath,abdelkader(i love these players but its tough to watch them because when are they going to crack this line up?)) as well as some draft picks. and burke is looking to rebuild and doesnt look like he wants to re-sign antropov. i think holland can sign him for cheap. i mean he doesnt have the best stats in the world right now and cant ask for more then 4 mill a year. but i think we need that big body on our roster and i think he could produce. i would hate to see him screw over hudler for a a roster spot. if you look at who we could be loosing next year. maltby to retirement, sammy, leino(PLEASE PLEASE RE-SIGN HIM) but he could easily take over sammys spot. antropov may not cheaper but he is some solid secondary scoring. What do you think? (and be nice i'm just suggesting)
  3. Kenny, Get an Enforcer Now!

    see thats why hossa didnt fit in pittsburgh. crosbys the enforcer there. but enforcers just take away ice time from people that actually do stuff.