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  1. Danglesmith08

  2. Another dirty hit

    hahaha he said "stupider"...
  3. Ovi to pass the great one?

    http://espn.go.com/nhl/notebook/_/page/buc...-gretzky-debate ESPN still has one guy that cares about hockey. Oh, and Melrose.
  4. Are Any of These Teams for Real?

    Anze just signed a 7 year deal last season. Pretty bad decision if he really wants to leave LA... I think the Kings are the real thing this season. Even without Smyth, they are still winning games. Maybe the Kings have finally figuered out how to win.
  5. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    but it was made with beautiful wood...
  6. Fans fight over Niedermayer's stick

    I was standing about 8 rows up from the fight. It wasnt even his game stick they were fighting over but instead a cheap $30 wooden stick they give them to hand out. Of course, the average Ducks fan doesnt know that 99% of the players doent use wood anymore, but hey, it Anaheim.
  7. Penguins win again.

    Way to skate around being called out out on your flawed logic.
  8. favourite player growing up...

    Teemu Selanne. He had a nasty backhand during the Kariya days.
  9. Got Attacked at Game 3

    I have been going to Ducks games for about 10 years now and I have never heard of incidents this bad. I went last night as a Wings fan and sat in section 429. The Ducks fans around me where all pretty cool and were happy to participate in some harmless crap talking (granted most were OC fans who didnt know much about the game). This has been my average experience with Ducks fans for years. The only incident that occurred was some drunk 40 something Orange County pervert decided the slap my girlfriend's ass with a Ducks towel as we walked to our car (she had on a Zetts jersey). After me and my buddies confronted the guy about it, he of course was acting like a even bigger ******. Long story short, we were backed by a number of Duck fans who witnessed this guys ridiculous behavior and the guy looked like the idiot he truly was. Like the Wings, the Ducks do have a loyal and educated fan base. However, Anaheim is not a typical hockey market. When playoffs roll around, the bandwagon comes out and guys mentioned above attend the game. Its a unfortunate occurrence in all of So Cal sports and now I understand why most of the nation hates California. There is a solid core of hockey faithful in Southern California, unfortunately they are overshadowed by the actions of the morons that attend the postseason.
  10. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    I ordered a Large and I got a size 40 for jerseys. I bought 3 jerseys from lightinthebox.com to use for one the ice, like pick up hockey and such. I wear 52 usually for ice jerseys, so it fit smaller than I was use too and I use small shoulder pads. The size up recommendation might be a good ided if you want to skate for them. On another note, the quality of the jerseys is extremely impressive. I have a Home Datsyuk RBK jersey I pick up from the team store in the Joe, so its obviously a legit jersey that I could use as a standard to compare to. The litb.com jerseys were almost as nice; they had real patches sewn on, venting on the sides, rbk tags. The only thing that stands out is the lettering on the Zetterberg one is alot smaller than the Datsyuk. I know its a longer name, but its smaller font than it should be. Ill post pictures soon.
  11. Caps 4 Bruins 3 (OT)

    He reached Semin celebrating at the blue line before any of the Caps players did.
  12. Streaming tonights game

    Self cast is working fine for me using Firefox.
  13. Staal to Toronto?

    True, but I wouldnt be surprised of talks going on between the clubs. Im sure Burke wants Tangradi in Toronto.
  14. Kessel for Pronger?

    http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/...sel?eref=fromSI I would be disappointed to see Kessel traded from Boston, but not as disappointed to have Pronger on one of my favorite teams.
  15. 2009 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    Brian Hayward is, in my opinion, one of the worst commentators in the league. But yeah, Kunitz is a nice pick up for the Pens. That guy forechecks so hard and will hit anything in the offensive zone. I think it is now blatantly obvious that Pronger is leaving the Ducks as well with Whintey joining the team. I hear he has already sold his So Cal house.