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  1. I remember when Barrett Jackman won the Calder over Hank.... I'm sure Leino will get the same treatment, Wings get no respect.
  2. Great period. I am glad to see Bertuzzi make a good defensive committment. Hopefully he ends up being a good pickup after all.
  3. its great to hear mickey calling games again. brad may didn't take long to impress, and that interview over the intermission makes me like having him around. GO WINGS!
  4. What a great, quality win quality win for the boys in red. I'm normally not a Columbus fan... but I will be tomorrow. Hopefully they pour the pain on Anaslime. I can't to see the Wild get tamed tomorrow night!!!
  5. I can't think of a worse situation for hockey if this is a steroid scandal. In a country where hockey struggles to keep up with football, basketball, and baseball, the one thing the NHL has had going for it has been its more or less clean image. It is beginning to sound like our boys in Montreal are taking care of that. I guess not every team can follow the Red Wings act as the exemplars of class in sports.
  6. I don't have any huge issues with Montreal. Why can't something like this happen in Anaheim?
  7. I looked at the thread but it doesn't seem like anyone actually knows what the allegations are. Anyone have any idea?