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  1. I love the tradition personally, but one thing I want to know on earth did someone get the near 40 lb one into the building during the 95 playoffs?
  2. definitely glad they are giving the building a nice sendoff with a good win!
  3. Sheahan!!! wow...
  4. well caught a nice break there
  5. Sheahan!!! Bout time bud!
  6. still hasn't sunk in that there will be no more hockey this season after today...truly is a weird feeling
  7. Nielsen x2!!!
  8. Nielsen!!! Nice start!!!
  9. So humongous big
  10. Season in a nutshell...give up an early goal and then can't make up for it. The realization that the streak is all, but over is sinking in.
  11. Shinguard Assassin!
  12. You could see that goal coming about 10 seconds before it did...5 guys all standing watching the guy with the puck
  13. after this game and the 2 previous with Columbus...this sums up my feelings going forward...