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  1. Win # 1 is in the books...much better effort than in Florida!!! Everyone have a good evening!
  2. Well if that was the case then you would stack the 2 majors on top of one another and the on ice strength would be 5 on 3 for the full 5 mins and captain's choice of who comes back out of the box first after both majors expire...I have been reffing for 20 years now
  3. A Match penalty carries an automatic major and game misconduct...just an FYI
  4. Green!!! Curly Fries for all!!!
  5. Phaneuf is such a dumbass
  6. Green!!! Nice movement on the PP!!!
  7. Helm!!! Nice job on the transition and recognizing the speed coming up the middle!!!
  8. Vanek!!! EDIT: Green!!!
  9. RIP Mr. Hockey, your legacy will live on for generations to come.
  10. What has Big Rig been eating the first few games? 2 fights already this year?
  11. MotorCityMadness

  12. Forget this need to dwell...just show up and beat the Panthers on Saturday
  13. Danny D!!!
  14. Never change NHL, never change