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  1. So humongous big
  2. Season in a nutshell...give up an early goal and then can't make up for it. The realization that the streak is all, but over is sinking in.
  3. You could see that goal coming about 10 seconds before it did...5 guys all standing watching the guy with the puck
  4. after this game and the 2 previous with Columbus...this sums up my feelings going forward...
  5. not really...Jensen ripped a one timer wide of the net and it came right off the boards to AA who slid it under Dubnyk
  6. all of this from a very very soft penalty call
  7. yikes Coreau
  8. go figure AA!
  9. Z or Mantha?
  10. Ok that was actually a nice play! Good bury by Mantha!!!
  11. I know...I did not know how else to express the disappointment to see something so careless and stupid
  12. Not even sure why I keep watching when it is so painfully obvious that they simply cannot compete anymore
  13. What was Nyquist thinking?
  14. Anybody wish Hank would just go off and call the official(s) out? Not his style I get it, but would be kind of nice to see some fire or anger