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  1. Quite a Perfect Game!

    man screw this i joined this site because i've been checking it out for years and decided to join just to be a member of wings online community. even though i wasn't the only one disagreeing with "perfect" mentioned anywhere in this thread i guess it's easy to turn on a new member who thinks there's nothing perfect in possibly losing hossa. seeing wings win is always great as long as there are no consequences for the win. call me crazy but i will never call a game like that perfect. but you guys sure can make a new member welcome that's for sure. also i didn't know by being a member longer than i have been makes you somehow a better fan.
  2. Quite a Perfect Game!

    jesus christ i feel like i'm on a ******* pens or blackhawks board. saying that i see nothing perfect in having one of our players taken off on a stretcher makes me a bad guy??? why don't you idiots give your head a check. you're probably the same people who start panic threads after a bad loss. it's one freakin' game. this season has been a total rollercoaster ride so i don't read too much into one game. and if you would rather have a win over losing hossa well you can go f*** yourself.
  3. Thoughts on Ericsson?

    kid needs to play and this salary cap issue is killing his progress. is he staying up now or homer's comeback means he's going back to griffins?
  4. Quite a Perfect Game!

    i don't remember taking a shot at the wings play tonight but after suffering one of the worst losses in red wings history it was expected they would come with their A game. again all i said was perfect game and hossa on stretcher don't go together. if i knew i would upset you two sweethearts soo much i would probably refrain from from saying anything but i do apologise and hey if we play the blues 16 times in the postseason we shouldn't have any problems but i do expect tougher opponents. anyway goodnight sweety
  5. Quite a Perfect Game!

    ok whatever i just don't get too high with a win or do i get too low with a loss . common sense tells me if you're ok they don't take you off on a strecher and by the way last time babcock said he was fine he missed two games. that's all. and i couldn't find a stream for tonight's game so but beating the blues after the embarrasment in nashville didn't come as a surprise. so calm down
  6. Quite a Perfect Game!

    hey crymson how about you wait for news on hossa before you open a thread like this you dumbass. if the news is bad i wouldn't want to call anything about tonight perfect. one game doesn't mean s*** so try looking at the big picture, which is taking a run at the cup. but try not to hurt yourself thinking too much
  7. Quite a Perfect Game!

    there's nothing perfect in losing one of our best players. and we beat st. louis which we often do so calm down.
  8. 3/2 GDT: Red Wings 5 @ Blues 0

    hope he's ok
  9. St Louis Game Feed 3/3

    what's the deal??? there's no picture
  10. Looks like the Red Wings & the Sharks battling off the ice, Robert

    isn't neil out with injury?
  11. Don Cherry's Comments

    most of the time i really don't give a s*** about his opinions and i think most people laugh at this senile old bastard who by the way makes craig sager looks fashionable. but this recent habit of taking shots at red wings is pissing me off. how the f*** is pavel a cheapshot??? calling out lidstrom is a joke. if he was a nick from ontario he would be giving him a blowjob every ******* day. sugestion that red wings are favored by the league even though we got royally f***ed in the series against the ducks and last year finals were no better. you used to have to kill somebody to get a 5on3 in the finals but whatever, look on buttmans face when he handed the cup to lidstrom instead of cindy was priceless. anyway f*** cherry, f*** cbc and their torture of average canadian hockey fan by forcing us to watch that horror show they call maple leafs. and this idea that red wings are soft is really bugging me. they are not figthers and this team hasn't been drafted that way. puck possesion and speed, thats the idea and the direction this team is being managed. and any red wing fan who would be a bigger fan of the team if there were more north american players instead of having guys like pavel,zetterberg and homer can go f*** himself. shouldn't we be beyond the nationality issues??? the thing that made us successful over the past two decades is the ability to find great players in europe. cherry is a ******
  12. If we could make one blockbuster move

    omg. some people should be barred just for proposing some of this insanity. i wouldn't take pronger for free. f*** him. and xbrave give your head a check dude. i'm surprised you didn't include lids in one of those.
  13. Optimism After the Ugliest Game of the Year

    is this the worst loss in history or there's even worst?
  14. Which team do you NOT want to face in the first round?

    1974 flyers
  15. 2/27 GDT: Kings 1 at Red Wings 2

    letdown game after beating sharks. take the over and kings on the puck line. hope i'm wrong though.