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  1. I had 2 cousins move to Austin and 1 move to Houston and they still are die hard fans. I'll ask them where they watch when I hear from them again
  2. I think (along with Babcock & Holland & pretty much the whole organization) that Miller filled in really well when Franzen & Fill were hurt...
  3. I'm not trying to argue or debate, but where is the doubt that miller will not return?
  4. Ritola already signed and Miller is an obvious fit given his work ethic and ties to Michigan. wow guys!
  5. My point exactly...
  6. I obviously read the whole thread, why pay that much more for "a tougher game"? The reply is warranted seeing how the move would make no sense at all...maybe in a fantasy league or be a GM mode. We all have our opinions but I believe we are in for a boring off season. The roster is balanced...
  7. Colby Armstrong? Are we playing too much NHL 2010 and basing our decisions on the newest roster update or something? Colby Armstrong made $2.4mill last year and produced 15 goals for the thrashers... Patrick Eaves made $500,000 last year and produced 12 goals for the red wings... Figure it out...
  8. Im not saying you dont know what you are talking about but i dont know what you are talking about. I have friends and family streaming all types of games. Something is out there...
  9. Im pretty positive itunes has something that allows you to stream local stations. Thats just going by what ive found searching for my hero...
  10. Alright guys so last year at this time of the season i was spending the majority of the gamedays pissed off because i was at work. I am in desperate need of an app, website, download, upload, feed, podcast something! To allow me to stream 97.1. I have a htc hero and am firmiliar with the android market and have actually downloaded a couple apps that list the ticket as a station but when i go to stream all i get is "currently unavailable server busy" i am aware that the ticket does not stream tigers or pistons games but i tried well after the tigers played today. Some of the apps i have tried are cherry rplayer, antplayer, a online radio, streamfurious, droidlive and have not gotten a stream yet! If anyone has a instant resolution i would greatly appreciate it. Go wings!
  11. It's the rare time that flat out getting rid of a player will do the team some good I think. He has not been a solid defensemen over the last few years...
  12. Team Spirit? Are you serious...
  13. A checking defensemen that can move the puck...or something
  14. Sweet