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  1. Best Wings Blogs

    . That's fine, I can somewhat understand your point. But you want somebody to die because of the way they blog. That alone tells me everything I want to know about you. And enough with the "sport" and "champ" condescending nonsense. I'm likely old enough to be your grandfather. (assuming that you -- somebody who wishes death to a blogger who they can simply avoid by not clicking a link -- are not an adult.)
  2. Best Wings Blogs

    Man, sure got me there, Lilja -- by openly not specifying something. Boy do I feel sheepish. Here, I'll jog your memory: remember the time you told him to go die in a car crash? No? Clearly you have some deeper, unresolved issue here. Others threatening physical violence upon you = bad. You hoping for the death of somebody because of a blog = OK.
  3. Best Wings Blogs

    You sure are on that site a lot for claiming to "not follow it". And I find it funny that you think it's stupid and idiotic, and then you say that "not liking it makes you a terrorist." Please specify one time where that was even close to being insinuated. Honestly. Your comment alone is dumber than anything he has ever typed.
  4. hilarious impression of Preds fans

    i had seen this site linked by Chief at A2Y and it doesn't disappoint: Funny stuff