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  1. 13REDWINGS40

  2. thats the video i recorded it looks liek s*** tho haha
  3. I got the last minute of the game on my phone im uploading it to youtube now ! ill put a link in a bit once its done. The Joe was crazy !!! best game ive been to in a while !! Go wings Go
  4. Kovalchuck to be traded.

    http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=308800 And, Hitchcock fired as coach of Blue Jackets http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=308802
  5. Williams & Leino for Ponikarovski

    I have to say it but i truley believe that Leino will make a turn around, maybe not this season but for fure next when everyones healthy. Im just saying what i believe and id keep him.
  6. If we can finally beat Colorado

    Didn't you see the First game of the season lol, we lost to Toronto, pissed me off so much
  7. Game Stream for Tonight

    Yaa atdhe has a link up for tonights game hopefully it works. http://www.atdhe.net/