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  1. I will chop your balls off with a basketball if this is not true.
  2. Do what now? What he means is that he. Only if 35 stayed healthy.
  3. Umm.. we ******* suck compared to Chicago. This thread fails.
  4. Why do you write like a five year-old?
  5. Why do we get points for losing?
  7. The greatest goaltender ever was 5 ft 11 in and 165 lb. I may be a homer, but your call.
  8. Goal
  9. Good job ******. No one said anything about draft picks.
  10. This reminds me of last season. Weak Osgood, and always trying to comeback late in games.
  11. Am I missing something? Because we do have cap space next year, more than this year at least.
  12. Let's trade Stuart and Rafalski.
  13. I'd like in.