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  1. m96m

  2. Stanley Cup Finals schedule

    a conspiracy??? you people are all crazy stop making excuses 'just in case' detroit loses instead, have some faith that the wings will pull this out yet again!! hahahahahahahaha a bettman conspiracy?!?!
  3. Game 2 Pic of Datsyuk

    hahaha thats a funny one
  4. NHL.com: Celebrity Blog... Kevin Smith !

    Awesome! Now I actually have to cheer for the Devils so that he writes more often....that will be tough, but well worth it!
  5. Pierre Maguire is a loathsome human being

    100% agreed!
  6. Pierre Maguire is a loathsome human being

    Great post - you are ABSOLUTELY right! Pierre McGuire is easily the BEST broadcaster on TV, period! He is extremely knowledgeable and gets into the game like no one I have ever seen. You want to talk about a moron? Talk about Glen Healey. This is a man who does exactly what you are all complaining about....yells out random, stupid comments without having any proper justification to what he's claiming! McGuire, on the other hand, understands the game better than most. And he's smart enough to fully explain every little thing whenever he's on American tv (because besides the fans in here, most Americans don't know too much about hockey). I actually didn't overly like McGuire in his first season on tv because he constantly mumbled, but his knowledge has always been there. He brings a lot to the games that he calls. I'm sure everyone in here would rather hear Mickey Redmond. Nothing personal against the guy, but this is someone who actually needs to be shown the exit door. He makes the most useless comments and miscalls half of the replays! It is people like him (and Terry Crisp and many other crappy colour commentators) that curb the popularity of the game in the states. If you want to hear homerific comments then keep watching Mickey Redmond and all the other FSN ___ colour commentators. But if you like a knowledgeable person, who truly understands how the game works, who really gets into every game, then keep watching Pierre Mumbles McGuire.
  7. Playoff TV schedule

    According to this article, if the series goes the distance and comes down a seventh game, it won't even be televised!! That's ridiculous!!! ---------- I'm hopeful that the "select first round playoff games" shown on Centre Ice will include the Wings/Preds series in Canada. While I also don't really recall them showing any games last playoffs, I also didn't care because every game could be seen on either TSN or CBC. I still am surprised though that TSN isn't showing the Versus feed. At the very least, they could certainly show game 1 because the only other game on TSN that night is the Ducks/Stars at 10pm EST. Grr...
  8. Playoff TV schedule

    I guess we'll know more in the next couple of days, but the outlook of it being on Centre Ice just got a bit better: From http://www.nhl.com/nhlhq/centerice/: Here's hoping that they show it ! :thumbup:
  9. Playoff TV schedule

    All I can say is that these games BETTER be televised on NHL Centre Ice, otherwise any Canadian fans are going to strike out on seeing the games without actually going to them. I was pretty disappointed to see that TSN won't be showing any of the Wings/Preds games. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=684 Hopefully this gets changed though...
  10. The best hockey commercial ever

    hahaha, that is a great one!!!
  11. oh please, Hossa doesn't even compare to Sundin. Hossa has been a playoff flop throughout his career. Even more recently with Ilya Kovalchuk, he's only had good regular seasons and thats it. He is your stereotypical "soft" European. Sundin on the other hand has all the skills to pay the bills. Not only is he a top leader, but put him with guys that can actually play, he can totally dominate the game. He is a national hero in Sweden (there is no one bigger than him in Sweden except arguably Peter Forsberg), and you don't get that status without earning it. He would be a perfect fit on an already very strong roster, and he really could be the missing piece of the puzzle that puts Detroit over the top! As a Torontonian I've seen Sundin play for years. The Leafs' paltry attempts at finding him good wingers have made him seem less dominant, but trust me, he is the type of player that can control the game. And when it counts most (playoffs), he always answers the call. If and thats a huge if, he is available and would want a new contract immediately, I don't think Kenny Holland would hesitate for even a second to pull the trigger on a deal. So lets jump the gun a bit....say he does get traded to the Wings, what number would he wear? I'm gonna go with 67 (it also gives me the biggest laugh as well!). For one, 13 is taken by Datsyuk. Secondly, 6+7 adds up to 13. And thirdly, 67 is the last time the Leafs won the cup! hahahaha!
  12. Ilya Kovalchuk Injures Knee

    this would be a huge loss for the thrashers. it would make the prospect of trading Hossa that much tougher to think about. not only that, but in the ultra weak southeast division where anyone has a chance to claim the #3 seed in the east, it just hurts that much more. if your a thrashers fan, here's hoping that he's not out too long!
  13. Best Current Era Red Wing Team

    I know this is an old topic, but I decided to post in here rather than start a new thread. Forbes has recently released an article called "The Greatest Sports Teams of All-Time: By the Numbers", and the 2001-02 Red Wings team ranks as the best team in NHL History. This is how they made they rankings: The 01-02 Wings were ranked: Record: 51-17-10; 116 points G-Score: 7.7 Won Stanley Cup. The other top NHL teams were: 1988-89 Calgary Flames Record: 54-17-9; 117 points G-Score: 7.5 Won Stanley Cup 1988-89 Montreal Canadiens Record: 53-18-9; 115 points G-Score: 7.4 Stanley Cup runner-up 1998-99 Dallas Stars Record: 51-19-12; 114 points G-Score: 7.2 Won Stanley Cup 2000-01 Colorado Avalanche Record: 52-16-10; 118 points G-Score: 7.1 Won Stanley Cup Where do you think the 1996-97 Red Wings team would fit in? Team Description Full Story
  14. Unusual Wings Stats

    Another interesting stat (this is a bit outdated as its from Dec 12, 2007):