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  1. 2011 Local (RSN) Ratings

    how loyal were you guys when pitts sucked and then got all those draft picks example, crybaby oh ya thats right mellon arena was always sold out LOL. Biggest amount of bandwagon jumpers not loyal fans.
  2. Trade Deadline and You are GM.

    vokoun is unrestricted after this year so i think we should be able to fit the remainder of his contract under the cap this year
  3. We need an Irishmen on the team....

    lebda is not irish born and raised in chicago
  4. David Clarkson

    With New jersey trading for arnott it brings there cap to 46,335,000 with kovalchuck and martin and other players needed to be sign.I would think that kovalchuck will get 10 mill and martin will get 4 which leads me to my point.. Holland has said he is looking for a fourth line player who can handle themselves and put the odd puck in the net. would you sign David clarkson to an offer sheet,considering jersey might not be able to match.He has good hands for both fighing and scoring,is a good skater. What do you guys think?
  5. Would you want Byfuglien?

    Chicago has to clear some salary but don't expect it to be buff and even if it is don't expect him to be traded here. lets not forget he can play forward or d so i think that he is close to being worth 3 million probably 2.75
  6. draft pick

    with mcilraith we get a big d-man to control the likes of getzlaf and byfuglin in front of the net i say go for it
  7. Why The Wings can win this series

    win it for lids go wings go
  8. Why The Wings can win this series

    Although i believe we are a team that can come back and win this series, We have only won 3 or four in a row once or twice all season.
  9. "I don't even want to think about it"

    I said it at the beginning of the year and i will say it again, Sadly LIDS will retire at the end of the year
  10. Crosby the greatest?

    I understand your frustrations about crosby because i am sick of hearing his name to, while some of it is because hes canadian most of it is because bettman is trying to prove that hockey does belong in some of these markets which they shoudnt.pittsburg was the first part of that plan when they were for sale a couple years ago and they ended up getting good draft picks and they still couldnt sell out ,so when they drafted crosby bettman made him the poster boy of the nhl so that his little project of selling the game in places that dont care about hockey wouldnt make him look bad,and we all know that when in the future when pittsburg starts losing whenever it might be that the fans are going to disapear again. And as for your comment about canadians in the revolutionary war ,what about world war 1 when newfoundlanders sacrificed they re lives at the front lines while the americans fled leaving them to die. Newfoundlander are canadians it this proves that eveyone makes mistakes no matter what country your from
  11. Horrible stat facing wings

    we didn't win in road game five since 1964 and we won game 5 in the desert so have some faith my friend GO WINGS GO
  12. 2,000 Posts for Game 7 Win

    come on boys step up and kick some ass, urgency is the key my friends. GO WINGS GO
  13. WCQF Game 4 GDT: Coyotes 0 at Red Wings 3

    We need to play like we did in the second half of the second game EXCEPT for the goals going in on us. Come on boys stop scuffing your feet and lets f***in go GO WINGS GO
  14. Brendan Smith n ot part of Hobey Hat Trick

    It sucks that smith didn't make it, but look at nyquist a sophomore leading in scoring and we got him in the forth round.It maybe another gem that the wings have found.
  15. Hockeytown Gameday Challenge #8

    My Picks for tonight are for Detroit;Datsyuk franzen lidstrom Nashvile;Erat