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  1. I recall trying it with Weiss, but I think it just depressed him.
  2. Man, what a bomb. Outside of the goal, AA's been very noticeable. Used his speed to rush the puck, beat out an icing call and strip the puck on the backcheck. Between Sproul and AA, it looks like Saturday night's my night to eat some crow.
  3. Full credit to Sproul for being so active on that play.
  4. Mixed feelings about the defense. I like having three right-hand shots back there, but Marchenko's struggled so far. Not sure Blash would swap him out for Ouellet, though. Would mean tinkering with the PK pairs (though, the PK hasn't exactly fared well, so...)
  5. I'm in the same boat. I want them to call him up, but only if the situation is right. Personally, I'd like to see how he would fare in Sheahan's current spot. I think he could work as a NFP on a line, but also has the ability to shoot the puck on the team's second PP unit. Just a matter of when/if Blash decides that Sheahan's not working out in his current top-six role.
  6. What a fun ride from start to finish. I'm pretending their 5-on-3 didn't happen, by the way.
  7. Assuming it's a bug or food poisoning. Missed time in the second period, too.
  8. I thought his issues had more to do with timing, pace and battling along the boards. Things that are within his control, regardless of which line he's skating on. And yes, he's a "skilled" player, but he needs to learn how to work with/read off his linemates better. It's something Mick mentioned during one of the last two games, and I'm inclined to agree with him.
  9. Not a fan of the move either, but it makes sense. Ouellet's got the lowest TOI/GP on the team, and Marchenko's on the top PK unit. Taking him out the lineup would likely mean DeKeyser-Ericsson, Smith-XO as the PK pairings. While I really like Ouellet, and Marchenko's had some ugly moments, those pairings scare me. I'd like to see this too, especially if the move to wing doesn't "get him going". I understand Blash's reasoning for putting him there for now, though. If it doesn't work, I think working as the 3C against lesser competition could do him some good. My only worry would be how they handle Helm if they decide to go that route. It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I agree that AA didn't look great.Not to say that he can't or won't, but that he didn't really stand out in a positive way, IMO. That said, I agree that Sheahan hasn't done much of anything in the top-six. I've said it elsewhere on the boards, but if he continues to struggle, that could be Mantha's ticket to the main roster. Seems like they essentially want someone (in addition to Abdelkader) who can take up space and wreak havoc in front of the net. Sheahan hasn't been all that effective in the role, IMO. Not to mention, the Wings' 2nd PP unit looks a little weird with two NFP guys on it. Mantha can play in front of the net, but he has more to offer than Sheahan does at the half-wall/around the slot. I'd rather see Nyquist-Larkin-Mantha, Abdelkader (NFP), Sproul/Smith.
  10. Perhaps just an "Around the League: Week 1/2/3" or "Around the League: Nov. 17-23" kind of thread, then? Though, I suppose locking them each week would just create unnecessary work for the mods. I'm all for creating a new thread for "bigger" news items - Red Wings or any other team - but I try to steer clear from posting new topics about "smaller" items. Maybe it's just me, though - hate to feel as if I'm "cluttering" the forum. For example, I saw that Sproul's is in the lineup today, and didn't post because there isn't a GDT yet.
  11. Of the Wings' top-six forwards, Abby's P/GP dipped the least. (Left out Larkin, considering he wasn't here in 2014-15) Datsyuk: 1.03 to .74 = .29 Zetterberg: .86 to .61 = .25 Tatar: .68 to .56 = .12 Nyquist: .66 to .52 = .14 Abdelkader: .62 to .51 = .11 Not necessarily defending them, but both Nyquist and Tatar played fewer minutes, too. Gus' TOI/GP dropped by over a minute, and Tatar's by nearly two minutes. Full disclosure, Abdelkader played roughly 30 seconds more per game last season than he did in 2014-15. At the end of the day, I'd say there should be more concern over how this team is going to replace that "high-end" forward production, and less concern over its complementary wingers.
  12. There's AA out there on the PK. Shows what I know about how Blash wants to handle his TOI... lol.
  13. Agreed. This is probably my biggest "Uhh, what the...?" moment through three games. At the very least, I wish they'd switch Abdelkader and Tatar. Right, and I don't necessarily think it's Helm stirring the pot, but the three have worked well together. Larkin or AA could work just as well in that spot, if not better. Even during the last preseason game against Toronto, Vanek and Nyquist were showing signs of chemistry. Honestly, looking at your line combinations, I don't think we're all that far off. Generally, I just try to stick within the parameters of what I think management is willing to do. It's not like I don't want to see a faster team, capable of scoring more often. Just usually more a matter of, "considering the way this team is run" for me. The only real snag for me is having AA on that second PK unit. Not that I think it's impossible, but it still feels as if he's on a short leash with Blash. Felt like he didn't see much ice time after that failed drop-pass to Miller during the last game. Ideally, everyone has their role, but it's not a huge deal (for me, personally) if Nielsen is playing on the secondary units of the PP and PK. Also, curious about what happens when Kronwall returns. Kind of hope they stick with four forwards on each unit, but I think Smith has looked solid on the PP.
  14. That's great, but I'm not sure what Maltby scoring 50 in junior hockey has to do with his role in the NHL. He never potted more than 14 goals in a year, and cracked 30 points twice. Maltby altered his game and at the NHL level, and received the minutes/role he did because of his ability to play a two-way game. It's not "everyone", but for many discussing his role on the team, they're simply repeating what management is saying. To their point, why use Mantha in the lineup if he's only going to play 10 minutes a night? If he can displace someone who is currently in a top-nine role (not necessary top-six) and take their spot on the power play, then I'm all for it I doubt you'll find many people who want Miller/Ott over Mantha - just ones who want Mantha in the right role on this team. I get where you're coming from, but I'm not in a rush to break-up that Nyquist-Helm-Vanek line. Last season was pretty ugly in terms of "balance", but Blashill appears to be off to a better start this season. The forwards (outside of AA and Ott) are playing within roughly four minutes of each other's TOI/GP. Not to mention, he appears to have created some clearly-defined roles when it comes to the PP and PK. Outside of Nielsen, no one else is double-dipping between the special teams units. So I guess my point is less about fourth line vs. top-nine/top-six, and more about having the right opportunities/roles for guys like AA and Mantha. So sure, on paper, Mantha could jump into the lineup for Miller/Ott, but he's not taking over their PK minutes. Like I said, I think Mantha's best opportunity occurs if Sheahan struggles in his current role.