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  1. "The 30 NHL Clubs must submit their Protection List by 5:00 P.M. ET on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The Las Vegas team must submit their Expansion Draft Selections by 5:00 P.M. ET on June 20 and the announcement of their selections will be released on made on June 21." I'm waiting for that "Quick Protect" option to become available on CapFriendly's expansion tool. I could guess at which players each team will protect, but I think other team's fans will paint a much clearer picture with their choices, especially once CF collects enough protection selections/data.
  2. I'm sure they'll look for established players for the reasons you mentioned (leadership and needing to reach the cap floor), but I've got to believe there are better options than Z and Kronwall. The only reason I consider protecting Z and not Kronner his cap recapture penalty hits harder than Kronwall's. For that reason, I think Holland won't be as worried about protecting Kronwall. Worst case scenario, LV selects Kronwall, he retires and the Wings pay $2,125,000 for two seasons. If anything, I can see Kenny protecting both of them out of loyalty (which I'm sure is something people would be thrilled with). Right, and I think it depends what else is out there for Vegas. They have to hit the cap floor, either way. You have to think that Z and Kronwall will be among the less desirable options out there, but who knows? It's more about avoiding that cap recapture penalty than anything. Same applies for Sproul/XO/Marchenko. We value those players, but compared to some of the other young players who will be exposed, they're probably not as appealing as we believe. I can see Vegas targeting established players, then players with the most potential, and then looking for leftover vets with cap hits to to meet the cap floor. Honestly, I can see them taking Mike Green if Holland leaves him exposed. He's got history with George McPhee, and will have one year left at 6M. Without knowing what LV is thinking/who else they're going to select, I think Green might be the most likely candidate.
  3. Not that I think Vegas is going to take a 37-year-old, earning 6M+ for four more seasons, but it's probably something management will consider when they select their protected players. The "recapture pool" for 2017-18 sits at $11,983,336, so the Wings would wind up facing a cap penalty of $2,995,834 in each of the four remaining years on his contract if he refused to play/retired. I wonder if the NHL would threaten to penalize the Wings if Z came out and said something like that. Otherwise, what's stopping other teams/players from doing something similar? Daly's already said teams that don't follow the rules could lose draft picks/players. I wonder if they'd view it as some sort of circumvention. Honestly, the league kind of tweaks and makes up their own rules as they go along, so I wouldn't be shocked. Either way, I'm hoping for something along the lines of: Forwards: Nielsen (NMC), Nyquist, Tatar, Mantha, Athanasiou & two of Abdelkader/Helm/Zetterberg Defensemen: DeKeyser, Ouellet & Sproul Goaltender: Mrazek
  4. The Athanasiou goal really halted Carolina's momentum (obviously). I was worried when Stalberg hit Green and Ott took the offsetting penalty. Feels like the Wings tend to fall apart in situations like that, but they pushed through. Impressed with this team right now.
  5. He can spit it back out at a later date. There's no handbook on eating crow, AFAIK.
  6. That one was long overdue. Awesome.
  7. Looks like Vanek might survive without Nyqust, lol
  8. Surprisingly, Skinner-Rask-Stempniak has been one of the better lines in the league, offensively. Have to think it has more to do with the other two guys (and Skinner's out), but still... Agree about Aho, though.
  9. Actually, he played roughly 70% of the game on a line with Nielsen and Larkin. You're right about him playing with Helm and Vanek for a small portion of the game, though. Not saying much about Abdelkader, other than it's a day-to-day thing. Most of what I've read states it's a lower-body injury, but I've seen a few claims that it's a "mid-body injury", so who knows? I'm sure he'll draw back into the lineup soon, though.
  10. Technically, Ericsson and Marchenko are the second pairing. He's fourth on the team in TOI/GP, and Marchenko's third. Either way, I agree with the idea that sheltering his minutes has worked out well. He's been pretty solid, IMO. Making the best out of a less-than-ideal situation. Obviously it was nice to see him notch two goals on that top line last game, but I think he's looked great all season. He's producing and stripping opponents of the puck in their offensive zone. Helm-Vanek might take a bit of a hit, but I thought AA looked good last game, too. I'm more concerned with getting that second line (and Larkin) going at this point. This one has me a bit nervous, especially looking ahead to the next three games on the schedule (STL, BOS & FLA). The Canes can't keep the puck out of their net, but they're also scoring goals.
  11. Honestly, I think this take on the situation is more realistic than cynical (outside the jab directed toward Holland, obviously). I don't think any GM out there is going to trade for a goaltender with a 5.3M cap hit to solve a temporary problem. It feels as if the Red Wings need to find one of two scenarios: 1. A team is looking for a starting goaltender, and Howard puts together a solid year (not just a couple of games). 2. A team has a young goaltender with upside, and want to insulate him (Something similar to Gibson in ANA. They'd have to figure out their cap issues, but if they sour on Bernier as a back-up goalie, who knows). Not to mention, Howard has a modified NTC, and gets to submit a list of ten teams. So sure, Holland might be able to find a taker, but he'll have to get Howard to sign-off on the trade, too. I'd like the cap relief as much as the next guy, but it's not exactly a simple situation.
  12. With his skill set, I don't see him doing well with only 10 minutes per night. More than that, I think they need to bring him up with a clear role in mind. If/when Blashill decides Sheahan isn't working out in his current role, I think that's the perfect opportunity for Mantha. Play the NFP role at even strength and get some minutes with the second power-play unit. I'm not saying it's a top-six spot or bust for Mantha, but we've already witnessed players with offensive skill-sets (Jurco, and to a lesser extent, Pulkkinen) fail on the fourth line.
  13. I recall trying it with Weiss, but I think it just depressed him.
  14. Man, what a bomb. Outside of the goal, AA's been very noticeable. Used his speed to rush the puck, beat out an icing call and strip the puck on the backcheck. Between Sproul and AA, it looks like Saturday night's my night to eat some crow.
  15. Full credit to Sproul for being so active on that play.