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  1. matemate

    Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    sulak and hronek looks great in wch, i tink they are nhl ready. keep jensen and dekyser. kronwall and green is not good enough anymore, we need to sign best possible free agent d-man, 2 of them, if we only can get one then go and find a zaitsev in khl. svechnikov is nhl ready, even thought he did not dominate in AHL i think he can play in NHL, he got some world class skills. please trade nyquist, he still got some value. Free agent - free agent/zaitsev level player from khl Sulak - Hronek Jensen - DeKeyser Mantha - Larkin - Andreas Svechnikov - Zetterberg - Nyquist trade Frk - Nielsen - Rasmussen/draft pick 2018 Bertuzzi - Helm - Abdelkalder
  2. matemate

    The team next year

    What would you do? I would try; Mrazek Howard Larkin - Zetterberg - Mantha JVR - Nielsen - Oshie Andreas - Shipachyov - Svechnikov Callahan - Glendening - Bertuzzi Alzner - Shattenkirk Dekeyser - Green Hicketts - Ouellet trade tatar and nuqvist for a really good top 6 player (jvr perhaps). jurco, helm, marchenko. abdelkalder, ericsson, jensen, smith, kronwall, sheahan, trade them all for draft pics. go hard on the free agents (alzner, shattten, oshie). check europe for players (Shipachyov perfect mentor for Svechnikov ) trade vanek for a first round pick. promote callahan and bertuzzi, i think they are better options than old players like ott and miller. svechnikov might not be dominating in the ahl but he got world class skills, i think he can step in the upcoming season. hicketts or sproul? draft Hischier and Hague in the first round and erik brännström with the second.
  3. Curious to see how everyone would construct an All Star lineup of Red Wings from the 2005-06 season to the current one. The idea being to build a lineup assuming everyone is at their peak season during that timeframe. So longevity isn't important, but they can only play at the level they played at for our team. Brendan Shanahan (06) - Pavel Datsuyk (09) - Marian Hossa (09) Johan Franzen (09) - Henrik Zetterberg (08) - Mikael Samuelsson (06) Tomas Holmstrom (06) - Robert Lang (06) - Jiri Hudler (09) Daniel Cleary (11) - Kris Draper (06) - Todd Bertuzzi (11) Nicklas Lidstrom (06) - Niklas Kronwall (09) Mathieu Schneider (07) - Brian Rafalski (09) Jonathan Ericsson (12) - Brad Stuart (11) Dominik Hasek (07) Jimmy Howard (13) This team would be favorites for Stanley Cup in todays NHL?
  4. matemate

    Do we need to add grit?

    In every season the Red Wings have been accused for being soft. Are we soft this season? Should Holland go after a gritty defencemen or a gritty 4th liner or maybe both? Could Chris Neil and Nicklas Grossman be something for us? Miller - Glendening - Neil Smith - Grossman What gritty players are available?
  5. matemate

    Team next season?

    Tatar - Datsuyk - Pulkkinen Nyquist - Zetterberg - Abdelkalder Jurco - Sheahan - Helm Miller - Glendening - New gritty player Kronwall - New Dekeyser - New Ericsson - Marchenko Howard Mrzak Somehow we must get ride of Franzen, Weiss, Smith, Andersson, Kindl and Quincey.
  6. matemate

    Detroit Red Wings - All Time Team

    Shanahan - Yzerman - Howe Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Hull Kozlov - Larionov - Fedorov Probert - Draper - Holmstrom Lidstrom - Chelios Coffey - Murphy Kronwall - Konstantinov Hasek Osgood Wings must have one of the strongest all-time team. Surely, this team would dominate in todays NHL?
  7. matemate

    Now some gritty forwards.

    sign komarov
  8. matemate

    Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    sign vanek, downie, callahan and tallinder. vanek brings scoring. downie is a 30 pointer with tougness. callahan is a 50-60 pointer who also gives us physical play. tallinder is a good gritty veteran. give legwand A REAL shoot. callahan - datsuyk - vanek zetterberg - legwand - nyqvist jurco - sheahan - tatar downie - helm - abby kronwall - smith niskanen - dekeyser ericsson - tallinder
  9. matemate

    Now some gritty forwards.

    the thing is, wings like gritty forwards who is like helm, abby, miller and glendening instead, and it really sucks. only abby play very physical but he is not very hard hitting or tough.
  10. matemate

    Florida willing to trade first overall pick.

    trade tatar, sheahan and legwand. zetterberg - datsyuk - draitsetl
  11. anyone knows if there are any? I could not find anything. (with old I mean 2010 and before) would love to see some game from 2002.
  12. matemate

    Thinking on 2013/14 roster.

    Tatar - Datsyuk - Nyqvist Flippula - Zetterberg - Franzen Andersson - Helm - Sheahan Tootoo - Emmerton - Ferraro Kronwall - Ericsson Kindl - Cola Smith - Dekeyser I dont like Brunner. Floater. Soft.
  13. matemate

    Team next season?

    How will the team next season look like? I want to see. Flippula - Datsyuk - Nyqvist Franzen - Zetterberg - Brunner Tatar - Helm - Ferraro Abdelkalder - Sheahan - Tootoo Kronwall - Kindl Smith - White Ericsson - Cola Howard Monster
  14. matemate

    Our Current Defense / What Holland Can Do *merged

    the best we could do with current squad.... Kronwall - White Quincey - Smith Ericsson - Kindl
  15. matemate

    Our current forwards.

    lets face the hard truth. holland wont do a jack s***. we have: bert, dats, flipp, z, mule, cleary, helm, eaves, miller, abby, tootoo, nyqvist, tatar, andersson, emmerton, mursak and sammy.... too many forwards... the best would be: Flippula - Datsyuk - Cleary (Cleary is better then Bert, period.) Franzen - Zetterberg - Samuelsson (Sammy is still decent, and these guys have some chemistry) Eaves - Helm - Miller (fast, gritty line, 30 points each) Bertuzzi - Abdelkalder - Tootoo (Physical line that can play some decent hockey)