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  1. hockey monkey has cheap prices if you buy them in packs, I got 3 inno composites (comparable to warrior) for like $120 and they're pretty dece
  2. Parking at the casinos and catching the people mover over is a cool idea. Right after the game the lines to the people mover are huge so when I was in town last, I hung around the Joe and got to take pics, go down to ice level and all that jazz. Killed about 30 mins or so, by that time didn't have to wait long to catch a ride back to greektown. Plus it gives you something to do afterwards; the casino is always bumping when I've been there. If you drive to the game, parking in the arena's garage is by far the most convenient route, esp if you don't know your way around. I did this for my first game and once you park, you just follow the mob to the arena, virtually no way you could get lost or mixed up. I can't remember exactly how much it was since it was a few years ago, but it couldn't have been more than $15, well worth the proximity and ease. You should def swing by Hockeytown cafe at some point too (extra points if its right before a game). The atmosphere is awesome- everyone's in their jerseys, cool memorabilia, good food. Like they said, it runs a free 5 min shuttle to the Joe as well.
  3. I'm pissed I paid $80 for tickets to witness that
  4. ha this happened to me earlier this season after getting off the tunnel bus. we spent a good 20 min wandering around cobo before seeing any living thing to ask for guidance. as a fellow outoftowner, i say the arena garage is the best bet. virtually fail-proof of getting there and where you should be. plus puts you right by the $8.75 25 ounce (?) beer stand
  5. don't forget about the few of us in pittsburgh too who can't stand the pens...
  6. yessss
  7. yahtzeeee!
  8. agreed about fs-a. i'm already sick of them commenting on how great their fans are and how it's a packed house and how they're already in the playoffs and blah blah blah
  9. that gave me a chuckle
  10. that's worse than me paying comcast $160 for the NHL package but not getting the NHL network
  11. I'm going to tonight's game too! I'm super pumped, we're staying in Windsor a mile from the Joe so hopefully we'll be able to manage finding our way without having to drive. Are there any good places walkable from the Joe for post-game festivities? I know a few ppl reccomended Hockeytown before the game. go wings!
  12. no he didn't touch it last year, thats why he said he did this year since last year "it didn't work out so well." then they cut to an unnecessary shot of lemieux saying last time the pens won the cup, he picked up the trophy. blah blah blah who really cares. i'm getting so sick of these pens fans i really hope we shut out the hawks tom. and then can proceed to officially giving the pens a beat down.
  13. boo 'tis a sad day
  14. code too, please. thanks!