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  1. Tell her to bring it on! I'm a scrappy Irish girl, I have no problem fighting for him! LOL
  2. I agree with just abut everything you said, except I think that Aaron should have the choice of when to end his career and I know he isn't married.
  3. This sucks! He's such a great guy. Aaron can come back to Detroit and I would be happy to help nurse his broken heart.
  4. Aaron Downey- Sweet guy and cute to boot! I hope I can add more players to this list after Hockeyfest tomorrow!
  5. I'm sure they are just annoucing their engagement! It' sabout time they made it official.
  6. I'm sure they are just annoucing their engagement! It' sabout time they made it official.
  7. I second that ! I'll miss Aaron the most. I'm hoping that he will stay with the Wings organization in some capacity.
  8. Do why did they sign this Dude to a two way contract and not Downey or Mac?
  9. This Sucks! I was hoping that Aaron would be offered a contract. What are the chances of him getting picked up by another NHL team ?
  10. This may be a stupid question, but how was McCarty offered a contract before July 1st?
  11. Guinness before the game, Molsen at the game, then back to Guinness post game !
  12. I will be at the game too! I have no clue where my seats are but my happy little ass will be there I frequent Cobojoes before the game (and after), food is good, cheap and fast and close to JLA!
  13. Thought I would share my new drinking game for the SCF. Every time someone says Sidney Crosby's name you have to take a shot. Trust me you will be pretty toasted by the end of the game! Good Times!
  14. I'm going to game 1 and 2!!! We are thinking of just getting a hotel room in the D since Sat's. game is at 8 and Sun is at 12. Any ideas on where is a good place to stay?