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  1. Gold Medal Game Offciating

    two post in a row from canadians breaking out the crybaby argument, terrible, the reality is 3/4 refs were canadian which is bad and if it was sweden vs finland and there were three swedish refs even the swedes would have said it was unfair the refs was bad it was too much physical play but it was going both ways which i guess makes it fair, but just because it was fair does not make it good. it was a different style of play from the rest of the tournament which was annoying i am glad we got the silver at least but i do not think it was good and i will be annoyed until we get revenge
  2. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    crosby is only liked by some canadians and even some are against him iginla is the leader, also guys like rick nash too who can scrap and score, that is more canadian style hockey, physical but respectful and sacrifice. crosby does not fight his own battle and that is the difference even ovechkin fights when hes bored. the thing i remember most was the 2004 stanley cup final, iginla and lecavalier, the two leaders of their clubs and the skill players, were fighting for their clubs, that is a real leader who stands up for his team and has skill
  3. patrick kane: great olympics

    come on he is a kid give him a break, why are you being so agressive you are turning into kane, maybe u switched brains
  4. Gold Medal Game Offciating

    it was not always great there were good and bad moments, once there was a tripping call but the ref did not make the call until he heard the reaction of the crowd.. terrible also they should not have three canadian refs, in soccer they never have that the refs are always neutral. its bad they need neutral refs the game must grow
  5. patrick kane: great olympics

    kaney was great i could not have been more proud of him, he performed very well and was at the heart of all of our attacks. i have gained a lot of respect for him tbh i think he put usa on his back in the final, he controlled the puck so beautifully at times and his decision making was great. it reminds me of datsyuk last year when he was better. and his d was good people have said he was lazy before but he was the best player for usa on offense and even on d he was great. overall i respect him much more, before i thought he was agressive especially after the taxi incident but i think he has turned over a new leaf and is a top player
  6. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    i do not like crosby and never will he is not a real hockey hero, the media is always trying to make him seem like a hero in canada but he will never be as good as gretzky or even ovechkin and he will never have the passion of iginla, who should be the captain i feel bad, iginla assisted on crosbys goal no one is talking about him but he is the legend.
  7. Jokinen retires from international hockey

    the north american coach argument is bad, when russia was revolutionizing hockey years ago they did it with russian coaches.. just because a coach is born in a certain place does not make him good. also BAG was the swedish coach in 06 and he is from the elitserien i think the reason that usa and canada are in the final is because of the physicality for us and speed and for canada they are just technically very skilled
  8. 2010 Winter Olympics - Quarterfinals

    yayy nice goal
  9. 2010 Winter Olympics - Quarterfinals

    shyt effort sorry for the language but russia is trying to be too technical they dont have enough grit sadly
  10. Team USA has a real nice path to the gold-medal game

    you can criticize usa however you want but we have not lost a game and we have come through, we showed great teamwork again against a very brave swiss team and a amazing goalie
  11. Team USA has a real nice path to the gold-medal game

    sweden has better teamwork than russia or canada, usa has much better teamwork than all
  12. Doc Emrick's call of Kesler's game ender

    my favourite is jim hughson i love his voice lolol and i will never forget him from the older nhl games he had such colourful commentary this is nice is doc american because he was very excited, it was one of the best empty netters
  13. i love z but he always is circling around the net, he never takes on defenders because hes not confident, maybe he is uncomfortable being so important to the team. even when i watch sweden he still is glue to the boards, even my swedish friend says he is different than a few years ago. i noticed he had changed last year but i hoped he would be better this year. i will never give up henrik <3 backstrom i think is the future of hockey he will never have the goal instinct of crosby or ovechkin but he can read the game maybe better than both and he will become one of the best in the world, he is already the most underrated in the league i think and remember he was very good when capitals played us. maybe we can get backstrom if lidstrom retire??? backstrom last year of rookie contract, if capitals cannot afford him there will be a race
  14. Joe Thornton bad for canada and shark?

    thank you guys for agreeing and the support if i am comparing joe to another i think of jagr, a big body and he is not as fast as he was but he uses his body well, i do not think joe uses it either, maybe he wishes he was smaller. i dont think he is bad just not great and i do not think canada needs him to be honest. they have enough skill with crosby as the leader. i think the age gap is bad and it should be a very young team with many in the 20s and maybe iginla and 3 or 4 other old farts to help out but some are too old, pronger is old and mean and neidermayer is looking weird with the beard, i am not a fan of him, maybe i am still angry from the 2007 conference final but still i think he is overrated and agressive and i do not like looking at him with the beard, imagine if you are drew doughty and your linemate is 400 years old with a beard
  15. Is Babcock a bad coach!?

    i agree i think yzerman did not send the best team, they need players who are more grinders but with some skill like kesler, and there are too many old farts. also neidermayer as the captain cmon iginla is obviously the leader he is a legend when i first was playing hockey he was my favourite player and i still love him he plays with passion and he is a fighter but he is a respectful opponent, he is respected by his team mates most important. neidermayer is too old and they need to breed the canadian hockey team to work together in future tournaments, half of this team will be retired soon its not good also i am usa so this is my outside view of canada but i hope canada does good because i have lots of respect for them