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  1. Should Datsyuk be named the next Captain?

    If thats the case than Zetterberg has sat out what? 3 all star games? Not to mention Datsyuk was actually the last of the "Twins" to get into anything resembling a fight. The fact is, no one has "heart" on this team if you guy by your standards. If "heart" is just about dropping the gloves(Which Yzerman rarely did) then we'll never have a captain worthy in your eyes.
  2. Should Datsyuk be named the next Captain?

    Holding him back from what? Giving a dull interview to John Keating? Pavel has no problem communicating to his teammates.
  3. As soon as Lidstrom rides off into the sunset(Hopefully not soon) Pavel Datsyuk should be named the next captain. There are no more questions about his leadership ability and he has done nothing but win two Stanley Cups and lead the team in scoring since 2004. He is pure consistency and shows up for every game, which we can't say for most players on this team. Yzerman and Lidstrom "Lead by example" I have a sneaking suspicion, Datsyuk will be mentioned in the same vein within five seasons.