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  1. Does anyone know where I can listen to the game online? I am gonna be working and can listen to it on my iPod touch. I was going to try but I think it uses flash and won't work on the iPod and I can't seem to download the app. So, I need to resort to an online radio feed! Thanks!
  2. 5-0. Wow.
  3. Looks like no Doan tonight ... maybe ...
  4. Yea for the End of the Year Showdown preview they showed that Datsyuk goal and the one they decided to choose. They could have came as a double-pack highlight ha.
  5. Everyone should go vote for Pavel in TSN's play of the year voting... He is currently leading and we should keep it that way! My link
  6. Love it.
  7. DET: Holmstrom, Franzen, Bertuzzi CBJ: Dorsette
  8. Bertuzzi at 3M? Put down the crack pipe.
  10. No offense or anything but those might be the worst line combinations
  11. Sounds like the name of a thread a pedophile would post haha. jk.
  12. Wow, Ericsson really looks soo bad. He is almost as bad as Lebda. He almost doesn't look ready for the NHL quite yet.
  13. Oh, I'm not saying he's been bad either. I'm just saying that its unfortunate (for us) that Prospal has been really good, outplaying any of our players (statistically). I know Williams and Prospal were both signed as secondary scoring so I shouldn't be expecting Williams to put up those numbers, nor for Prospal to be really doing that well (it's a surprise), but it sucks that we didn't get the better of two goods.
  14. I remember when we signed Williams and then Prosal got signed by New York. A lot of people were sayin it was an epic fail not signing Prospal, and getting Williams. Seeing that their salaries are about the same it was even more puzzling. Now seeing Prospal tear it up this season with 4 G 11 A (includes the 1 G. 1 A in tonight's game so far), I am sad we didn't somehow get him instead.