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  1. 2011 LGW Playoff Picks Game

    Round 1 Template: VAN/CHI: 4- VAN/CHI 4-1 SJS/LAK: 4- SJS/LAK 4-3 DET/PHX: 4- DET/PHX 4-2 ANA/NSH: 4- ANA/NSH 4-2 WAS/NYR: 4- WAS/NYR 4-1 PHI/BUF: 4- PHI/BUF 4-2 BOS/MTL: 4- BOS/MTL 4-3 PIT/TBL: 4- PIT/TBL 4-2 WC Champion: VAN EC Champion: BOS SCF Champion: BOS
  2. Riley Sheahan

    Don't worry about Sheahan too much, he hasn't put up many points at ND thus this fall but i attend a CCHA university and i've seen him play 4 or 5 times and he's the real deal, very strong game away from the puck, he'll fit into the Wings system very well and his numbers will come...I'm also good friends with a kid that attended the Wings developmental camp this summer with Sheahan and he said he was very impressed with him and that he's good guy off the ice too...he got into a bit of trouble at the end of last season at ND but it was for drinking and let's be honest who didn't drink and make a few mistakes in college
  3. Retire Osgood's #30?

    This "argument" has always baffled me, the guy has 2 Cups as the starting goalie, is top 25 in goal against average all time, is 10th currently and may be 8th all time in wins by the end of this season, 8th all time in playoff wins, 4th all time in playoff shutouts....what more do you want? Did he play most of his career in an organization where one of the greatest to ever put on the pads (sawchuck) already played? yes..Did he play at a time when 4 or 5 of the handful of people who are better than him also played? yes....None of that should diminish what osgood did, if he plays at a time when there weren't 4 or 5 legends his place in history is much more lusterous. The fact of the matter is that if Chris Osgood put up the numbers he has put up in almost any other organization in the NHL save for a few then he is an organization legend...did playing with so many great players help his stats and help his teams be more succesful? absolutely but it helped all of those others players careers as well..How often do you hear people saying that Lidstrom wouldnt have reached the level of success he had if he hadn't had the benefit of playing with so many other great defensive players? almost never, and taking nothing away from Lidstrom but if he played his entire career with a team that never had another HOF or all star d-men on the the team he would not have as many Norris's end of discussion...Just because the Wings have had the luxury of having more all time great players than any other organization other than the Habs shouldn't be a punishment to osgood...the 2nd best goalie the wings have ever had is osgood (behind a guy who would go on the mount rushmore of goalies mind you) and he certainly has the numbers, in a few years he will have a plaque in the HOF...everyone is complicating this way too much, Ozzie deserves to have his jersey in the rafters.
  4. NJD put Brian Rolston on waivers

    Here's hoping Rolston will retire and come back to coach at his alma mater, Lake Superior State University, we could use the help to return to the glory days! He'd add a whole lot to recruiting that's for sure!
  5. Starting a franchise- first 6 picks?

    You can take anyone in the NHL with your team starting play next season, kind of an out there topic but the board has been boring lately Obviously its possible to pick a complete first line along with a goalie or you could pick multiples of one position. My 6 Crosby, Doughty, Keith, Miller, Stamkos, Getzlaf 2 top notch goal scorers, 2 of the best d-men in the game today, a first rate goalie, and a gritty center who can score and most importantly all team players...let's see everyone else's picks
  6. Bert: (One of) the most hated athletes.

    Ovechkin has a hate following because he is a brash, cocky, person who puts up big stats but chokes when the pressure is on...if you have a "look at me" personality then it behooves you to win titles and big games to validate the fact that you act like an a**hole....Look at Michael Jordan and Lebron James, they're equally selfish but MJ has the rings...and thus a much smaller "anti-" following
  7. Teams of the Decade?

    There's some interesting debates to be had here and I am interested into what the consensus is, starting with the 1920s: 1920's Pretty cut and dried, the Ottawa Senators won 4 of the cups in this decade, the town of Montreal won 3 but it was split between the Maroons and Canadiens 1930's this one is a toss up, Detroit won 2 cups in 3 appearances, the Montreal Canadiens won cups in both of their appearances, Chicago won 3 cups in 3 appearances, while Toronto only won one cup but reached the Finals 6 times...even though they couldn't finish the job often, I'm inclined to say Toronto being that they maintained their consistency by appearing in the finals in over half of the finals in the decades. 1940's This on isn't much of a debate, Toronto won 5 cups in 6 finals appearances 1950's It's hard to believe that a team could win 4 cups in a decade and not be called the team of the decade but that is the scenario with the Wings, 4 cups in 5 appearances is very impressive but it pales in comparison to the Canadiens 5 cups in a staggering 9 appearances. 1960's Once again a team with 4 cups in 5 appearances lost out on the title, Toronto takes a backseat to Montreal's 5 cups in 6 appearances 1970's Boston won 2 cups in 5 appearances but Montreal won 6 in 6 appearances case closed. 1980's Edmonton and New York both won 4 cups in 5 appearances so it's basically a tie...For my money Edmonton gets the nod..I know the 80s were full of offensive stats on steroids but I still think the Oiler teams of the 80s are the most offensively gifted team of all time 1990's A parity filled decade but as the only team to reach the finals 3 times in the decade it's gotta be our Wings 2000s The Wings and Devils both won 2 cups in 3 appearances and both lost their other finals in game 7s, i'm interested to see the debate on this one... thoughts?
  8. TSN's Top 50 NHL Players for 2010-11 Season

    I love Lidstrom as much as anybody but he is no longer the world's best defenseman, Keith and Doughty have certainly surpassed him and the gap will only continue to grow.....I agree with the criticism of the number 3 ranking of Toews but he is definitely a top 10 player, his games is very reminiscent of Yzerman's in the second half of his career..will probably never win a scoring title but is extremely well rounded. In my opinion the biggest omission to the top 15 is Getzlaf.
  9. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    Have you ever considered that maybe the reason the NHL isn't making billions of dollars in America is due to the fact that most American sports fans have a terrible case of Attention Defecit Disorder and can only stand to see 10 seconds of continous action at a time (like you find in baseball and football) that invlove steroid enhanced animals trying to rip each others heads off or throwing a ball faster than a car only to watch another steroid enhanced freak hit that missile 500 feet? Because I doesn't have the biggest or the strongest athletes, in fact part of the reason that makes it such a great sport is that you don't have to start out by being blessed with freakish size or strength to play it.... hockey will never be a top 2 sport in America and thus will never have the priveliged TV rights, adequate time of Sportscenter, etc. not because it is being marketed wrong, or because it is an inferior sport, but because the mass audience is largely made up of people who are too impatient or ignorant to realize what a great spectator sport it can be and have too may false pre concieved notions about's just a sign of the times we live in. ( remember there was a time when most thought the world was flat, but that wasn't because the few scientists "in the know" were presenting their ideas "wrongly").
  10. Did Crosby earn your respect?

    Ovechkin can jump around after scoring and perform pre-concieved goal celebrations and he is celebrated for displaying emotion and a love of the game..Crosby throws his gloves off and jumps after scoring a goal that clinched an Olympic gold medal (a bigger goal than OV has ever scored) and he is a smug cocky *******. Ovechkin makes brash statements on a regular basis and he is just speaking his mind..Crosby makes a statement saying he is surprised the game was that close (which shows that 1. he is even admitting he didnt give the US enough credit and 2. he is at least being honest, and i can't argue with him...given the rosters the game shouldn't have been that close) and you idiots jump all over that one statement and ignore seconds later when he said their win was a team effort and that it wasn't all about him, that anyone else on his team could've been the one to score, everybody worked hard and they really came together as a team, etc. You people see everything through a tainted view, there's no sense in arguing with you....As far as him getting attention here's his resume since 2003 : 2003: National Champion w/ Shattuck St. Mary's (Minn.) 2004: First player in history to win QMJHL Rookie of the Year, Player of the Year, Top Scorer in same season 2004 and 2005: CHL MVP 2005: QMJHL Champion, Memorial Cup runner up, led Memorial Cup tournament in scoring 2005: Wins Gold Medal at World Junior Championship 2006:Youngest player to win a World Championship scoring title, named WJC Best Forward 2007: Becomes youngest player to ever win a North American pro sports scoring title (Art Ross Trophy), as well as the youngest winner of the Lester B. Pearson Trophy, the youngest to be named to the NHL First-Team and wins the NHL MVP ( Hart Trophy) 2008: Ties for NHL playoff scoring lead with Henrik Zetterberg, makes first SCF appearance 2009: Leads NHL playoffs in goals scored, becomes only second player in 13 years to top 30 points in a playoff run, becomes youngest captain to ever win the Stanley Cup 2010: Averages a point per game, and has 2 game winning goals for Canada during Olympic Winter Games, including Gold-Medal winning goal in Overtime vs. the United States in the most watched television event in Canadian History There's not one other hockey player in the world who can match the combination of team and individual success that Crosby has had over that time period (and he's still only 22!!) so I'm sorry but I have to disagree when people say he shouldn't be the NHL's number 1 posterboy.
  11. Russia vs. Canada

    I love the response lol but I believe he was talking about Russia and Ovie
  12. Russia vs. Canada

  13. Russia vs. Canada

    It's more delightful than i had imagined
  14. Kanye weighs in on the Crosby Shootout . . .

    I may be a bit biased seeing as the guy who scored in the first clip this did it for my hometown minor league team on the same ice surface that I grew up playing hockey on, and even though they are not NHL player on NHL goalie, as far as two players playing on the same level I think these are both better than Pav's famous goal:
  15. Russia vs. Canada

    Fedorov is certainly carrying his weight but anyone who says that from top to bottom Russia has more talent than Canada is a fool, end of discussion. This is shaping up to be a hell of a matchup I'd be shocked if a goal in the last 4 or 5 minutes doesn't decide it, although I would find it absolutely delightful if Canada won in an absolute blowout like the last time a Crosby team played an Ovechkin team in an elimination game... I really hope Canada and America meet up in a North American final, just to show the world that the best hockey on the planet undoubtedly resides on this side of the pond..If that happend I wouldn't be too upset either way, I'm an American but both of the places i've lived/live in my life are within 15 minutes of a bridge to Canada (I'm currently residing within 100 yards of the toll booth for the bridge actually) and thus, I've spent much more time over the border than most and have nothing but good things to say about Canada, it also doesn't hurt that my all-time favorite player picked the team and my favorite players play for the big red leaf...