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  1. Pre-Sale Codes for the Season

    I thought presale started tomorrow (Friday)? Are there other codes out there? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. 1/1 GDT: 2011 Winter Classic

    Read a few posts back. I already listed one. Go Wings!
  3. 1/1 GDT: 2011 Winter Classic

    NHL ratings: Numbers up slightly for Winter Classic on NBC Saturday night Sports Media Watch | Jan. 3, 2011 2:01 p.m. "Pushed to primetime due to inclement weather, Saturday's NHL Winter Classic had a modest rise in overnight ratings on NBC," Sports Media Watch writes, adding, "The Capitals' win over the Penguins in the Winter Classic earned a 2.8 overnight rating on NBC Saturday night, up eight percent from last year (PHI/BOS: 2.6), but down a tick from 2009 (DET/CHI: 2.9). The 2.8 overnight is the second-highest for a regular season NHL game since February 1996 (regional: 3.0, FOX)."
  4. Jerseys

    I'm like Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Don't matter where or when, wear them all the time.
  5. GDT Stanley Cup Finals - Game 6

    Is it just me, or was that the most anti climatic cup win in history?! No one is sure it went in, play goes under review, looking back while attempting to celebrate just in case it wasn't a goal. Very odd end to the finals, like a bad ending to an otherwise great movie. Kudos to Scotty Bowman and son.
  6. Stanley Cup Championship Gear Leaked?

    This stuff has been in the last shop.nhl.com mailer for over 3 weeks. It just didn't have any logos and said teams to be determined. I thought this was smart because it gets leaked every year, but it apparently didn't work because no one seems to have seen it. I still have the catalog.
  7. Ville Leino Appreciation Thread

    Your care less attitude about the fact that he left doesn't help your case. Most would rather not see him there, especially with the logo. I was afraid they would make a jersey for him which would have been utter blaspheme to Wings fans everywhere. I respectfully agree to disagree on this as well. I do wish him well on his journey and hope he returns in the future. I also wish Scotty Bowman well with the Hawks. And Paul MacLean possibly with the Blue Jackets.
  8. Ville Leino Appreciation Thread

    Burn. You got me. I stand corrected. Says the man who rushed to stick a Lightning logo next to a picture of Stevie Y. Says something about you too, so lets not throw stones too hard.
  9. Ville Leino Appreciation Thread

    99.99% of LGW.com fans maybe.
  10. Ville Leino Appreciation Thread

    The point is, he was a rookie. Not every rookie comes out of the gate blazing. They pitched him after half a season and he really didn't give him a chance. This is like when Howard played one game last season and everyone s*** on him after the game even though it was a complete lack of defense that cost them the game. Leino played during the worst part of the worst season in 20 years. He got the short end of the stick. Plain and simple.
  11. Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

    I may be using strong words but that is because I am passionate about this. Mickey Redmond doesn't go on tangents every game because it has changed for the better. It is because it is nothing like it was when he played. He hates to see the game change as I, and others I'm sure do.
  12. Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

    So a bastardized version of what the game once was is ok with you??? Then we do have to agree to disagree. I could care less if the game gets more viewers than the Stuperbowl. And yes, all American sports are tainted at this point. It's an American Idol society after all.
  13. Sidney Crosby - The most hated player in the NHL

    I am American. I just get lit up at the fact that we destroy things that are good. Why not welcome the sponsors on the jerseys. You know, have an easton logo, Gatorade, bengay, McDonald's, valvoline (zamboni oil), Toyota, etc. We already have the arenas named for millions. Makes perfect sense to go to an arena named after a bank. After all, you are just giving them your money right. How soon until Preparation H Arena or the Tampax Centre. When is enough enough is my point. Some people/things you just don't want to be in the mix. The league is attracting some bad apples and it is hurting it for the "fan that has been watching his whole life." I would love to see a Gordie Howe or Steve Yzerman Arena (or Joe Louis II for that matter) but I know it will be some company that slaps its name above the new home of the Red Wings that has nothing to do with the game. I cannot be the only one on this board that feels like that "fan". If I am, then it is far worse than I thought. Plus, I just like getting people revved up on these boards.