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  2. 4/11 GDT: Blackhawks 4 at Red Wings 2

    May I say something ? If we only had decent goaltending the all season through, would we talk so much about referees performances .....??????
  3. Pics search

    And as a sign of gratitude I'd like to post this picture of Reed Larson, former RW, ( who also played in Italy in early 90's ), who recently played in an All Stars tournament in my hometown Bolzano Italy. By abd Happy Eastern !!
  4. Pics search

    I think it was just because of his eyes and his way to look to opposing players ....... he scared them !! :-)
  5. Pics search

    Niagara Falls, of course ! We used to call him "The Niagara Falls Wolf" !!! Again, thank you very much for helping out !
  6. Pics search

    Very kind and quick !!!! Thanx CanadaBoy !!!
  7. Pics search

    Hi ! I'm a Red Wing fan from Bolzano , Italy. From early 80's till late 90's we had a former Red Wing player, Bob Manno, playin in Italy for different teams, including my hometown team Bolzano Foxes, and Italian National Team. He won several championships here and participated to many World Cahmpionship tournaments as well as different olympic tournaments. I know he played for the Maple Leafs and for the Red Wings team, and was voted to the All Star Game once. I wold appreciate if somebody could post a photo of Bob, wearing a Red Wing jersey, since I couldn't find any on the web. Thank you very much and go Wings !!!