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  1. Fil scored. 2-0.
  2. I bumped into Ericsson up at camp and was kind of surprised by how imposing he is. Obviously I knew he is big and tall, but he just seems so much bigger when he is standing next to you than he does when I see him on the ice. Could have something to do with the fact that he usually plays as though he is a tiny guy (in my opinion). Anyway, it just surprised me a bit.
  3. Helm scored, short handed.
  4. I hear Helm scored a SHG
  5. Hows things going.? The snow melted away the sun stays out longer....MUST be close to "Playoff Season" lol

  6. That's on too late for me to watch since I have to be up at 5 for work.
  7. If you want to park right by the Joe, I would recommend parking on Cobo Roof. It is cheaper ($10 instead of $15), and less of a pain to get out of than the arena garage. You will still have a little bit of a wait, but not nearly as much as the garage (this has been my experience, at least). If you want free parking.. you can park at the Hard Rock Cafe's garage, go into the restaurant, go to the gift shop and have your parking validated. They have a free shuttle going over to the Joe, and they serve free shots on the ride. I loathe the people mover after games because there are a million people trying to get on and it takes forever. I usually park on Cobo Roof or Hard Rock. There are some hotels in Troy, which is not too far from downtown, that are nice. Also, Hockeytown Authentics is in Troy, if you've never been there, it is a fun place to visit/shop.
  8. My friends and I will be going again. It is awesome. Northern Michigan in the fall is beautiful, and an added bonus as well.
  9. I'm happy Pavel is back. And that he scored and goal and had an assist his first game back. Woo woo.
  10. That is where we were one night as well. I knew I would remember the name if I saw it, ha ha. Cool
  11. Where was that at? The place we went to (I can't remember the name), we saw Maltby, but that was it. He showed up to the arena the next day in the same clothes he had on the night before at the bar, too.
  12. You could try some schools or day cares. We have computers (for the kids) at my work, that are really old and I brought in a bunch of my old games for the kids to use. I created a new wave of fans for the game Tetris this way
  13. I've been on kind of a hiatus, but am (hopefully) back now.. Just following the "rules" and posting since I looked
  14. Dude, you have a newt? That is so cool.