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  1. Retire Osgood's #30?

    You said it all with your first sentence. Not one person would argue yzerman sawchuck or gordie, and no one will when #5 goes up. No disrespect to osgood and what he's done here, but the rafters are such a extreme honor that even the likes of oz don't make the cut.
  2. Pronger falls victim to "Avery Rule"

    According to the exact written rule, this was not ilegal and should not of been called. It was pure bulls*** hockey though and just as bad and detrimental to the spirit of the game though. This situation should be a red flag that this rule just needs to be changed since it is obviously possible to wave your glove in the goalies face with out facing the tender. This move both pronger and avery have made is "douchebaggery" at it's finest and I can't help but to give props to the refs for making the call because in the spirit of good hockey it was the right thing to do, no matter what the rule book says. I really doubt there is a rule in the book that says you can't squirt maple syrup in a goalie's eyes while in front of the net, so should that not be called either? I believe the refs should have the right to make calls like these when players try to find loopholes to cheat in new ways that arn't in the book.
  3. Ville Leino

    and he will probably ask for four. This guy has the "sameulsson" over exaggerated idea of self worth written all over him.
  4. Kronwall's Hit on Selanne:

    oh my god would you pansies calm down! selanne skated harder into kronwall than the other way around! kronwall went for the puck saw selanne was still coming so defended him self by tensing his shoulder for the colision and maybe landing a body check, (how dare him in the new nba-ehem, i mean nhl) Good for the refs not stopping the play for selannes pout fest in the corner after the check. The summary of my view on this topic: If this was an illegal hit, consider me Miles Davis!
  5. Youngsters ditching the visors

    although i support the right to choose what you wear either way, I have to say a visor or cage is even more needed in amateur leagues. The idiots who call them selves "hockey players" in some beer leagues and drop ins ive encountered make the worst decisions with the stick or puck that i have ever seen. The pros at least at this time still have a little bit better sense of respect and awareness when it comes to hockey that allows them to wear less protection.
  6. The Tomas Tatar Fan Club (and nickname) is born

    all i know is he better start a kids charity foundation call taters tots
  7. Howard Worthy of Mcfarlane Figure?

    jimmy howards figure should be of him with his helmet off making that glove save, with the helmet floating
  8. Wings' Goaltending Situation

    FOOLS! The one known as Jimothy JHO Howard, will not dissapoint. sophmore slump? HAA! his sophmore season was years ago. baking in the oven till fresh in grand rapids, last year counted as his senior year hiccup.This year will be known as the start of his prime. Rebound control? after the way he bounces back this year everyone will be asking "what rebounds?" My warning to all: You believe in howard this year, and you believe with everything you got, or you will look more foolish than mikeal sammeulson in a face modeling contest
  9. Would You Buy A Modano Jersey?

    if you are really interested, I know dunhams sports in metro detroit area have hossa jerseys winter classic style for 60 bucks a pop. i work there and nobody touches them. i snagged a chelios when he left the team for the same price.
  10. Scott Stevens: The Definitive Reel

    for being easily one of the most skilled and hardest hitting checkers to play the game, he was very clean. all be it some a tad late he kept his shoulder in front with just about all of those. I crafted my hitting game on the blue line just like his and It is the best feeling in the world to destroy some cocky dangler with his head down. That being said i've been caught plenty of times on the other end of these and they were my own fault for having my head down or looking the wrong way. God do i miss scott stevens.
  11. Top 20 Plays with Datsyuk & Zetterberg

    1. great job on the top 20 and thanks for this its amazing 2. all of these moments of zet and pav destroying marty turco makes me think if it wasn't for them turco would of been alot more of a sucessful goalie the last few years
  12. The Curse of Marian Hossa

    if the hawks lose the finals to the east I will laugh so hard. i hope this curse keeps going strong!
  13. Jimmy Howard has championship skills

    ROOKIE of the year finalist, top 5 in GAA and save percentage rookie year, yup, no other team would be interested. I would hope to god howard has some things to work on because if he didn't i would be afraid hes a magical warlock since hes only a F***ing ROOKIE. GO WINGS, GO HOWARD
  14. Which NHLer would you like to punch in the face?

    mikeal sameulsson hands down. look at that rat face and tell me you don't want to smack it with a newspaper or at the very least punch it in the face.
  15. Quick question regarding possible Cup Final "Rubber Match"

    as much as i would love the wings to put the rivalry to rest between us and the crosbys, i just don't feel the rist is worth it. i thought it was last year, and im still holding down vomit every time i see a replay of crosby hoisting lord stanley's cup