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  1. Wings let go of Torquato, Cameron

    No loss
  2. Nickname for Helm!

    Mighty Mouse
  3. (Viktor) Kozlov going to the KHL, too

    97.1 says Fedorov hasn't signed s*** yet
  4. are wings developing their prospects too slowly?

    Varlamov was thrust in there due to need and Toews and Kane were top 10 picks.
  5. Do you re-sign Marian Hossa?

    He's gonna have to take alot less to stay...if not...have fun playing in L.A.
  6. Max Nicastro

    He's going to Boston U....big difference
  7. Darren Haydar

    I would assume there are others that would probably make the Wings roster over Haydar.
  8. Tuesday, BDubs, Grand Blanc

    My hometown....
  9. McCollum Watch

    I think Howard will be moved up...Larsson and McCollum will be in Grand Rapids and Pearce will be loaned to someone.
  10. Hossa's agent hints about contract possibilities

    Keep Hudler...bye bye to the other 2.
  11. Joakim Andersson Signed by Griffins

    If he puts the puck in the net...who gives a f*** if he can hit.