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  1. This
  2. The Isles are not a big market team. That market is owned by the Rangers. My company is based on Long Island and I can tell you known of the people at my office care about the Isles....they are all Rangers fans.
  3. given the changes we have seen so far to the Western Conference what do you think the order of finish will be? 1: Sharks 2: Vancouver 3: Kings 4: Red Wings 5: Anaheim 6: Chicago 7: Nashville 8: Columbus ___________________ 9: Calgary 10: Dallas 11: St Louis 12: Edmonton 13: Phoenix 14: Colorado 15: Minnesota
  4. given our unwillingness to pay anyone the going rate today I would agree. (except the Ericsson deal) Am I the only one that thinks we should have signed Ryder to that 2 year $7m deal?!?
  5. If we sign a top 4 Dman I will OK with this....if not and we are set on D then
  6. What I don't understand is what we are looking for? Kenny says we need a top 4 Defensemen and a top 6 Forward and then does nothing to address these positions while the guys that could fill that roll are almost all gone. The Cap went up $5m.....did Kenny think the players weren't gonna capitalize on that???
  7. and the Caps are in on Vokoun! WOW
  8. Rumored to be a 4 year deal!?!?!?! WOW
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!
  10. Hudler, Stuart and 1st round pick for Doughty.
  11. Great deal!!!! Love it!!!
  12. I would take a 5th or 6th round pick for him.
  13. What about adding Erik Cole?