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  1. Fight in the stands

    It's pretty classless for our fans to have done that. We shouldn't take it upon ourselves to be security. It gives the city a black eye. It's even more classless to brag about it on a message board. Believe it or not there are good fans and people in this city and state. Hockeytown_Ryan, if you post on this forum, which I think you do, check your pm. I only moved the topic you posted to another forum so it wasn't on our front page. I don't want to promote that kind of classlessness on my site. As for the UM/OSU rivalry. It's a historic rivalry and there are fan issues on both sides of isle. Both sides have stories about rude/obnoxious/idiotic fans. Good series. You guys are kicking our ass.
  2. Pretty funny and original idea. I think we at bluejackets247.com will have to get something going to respond! Thanks to xxgowingsxx for letting us know about this! I would have preferred Vancouver but I think it's fitting that we, a Columubs franchise, would get you in our very first playoff series.