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  1. WCQF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Blue Jackets 5

    i'm glad i agree... i was referring to the TV announers when i was talking about the jacket announcers. the radio guys are just fine.
  2. WCQF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Blue Jackets 5

    even as a jackets fan, i will tell you that our commentators are terrible. i wish that Jeff Rimmer would move to mexico... he doesnt know what he is talking about 90% of the time. Danny Gare isnt as bad, but still under par. After the game all they would talk about is how bad the too many men call was. Now let me set this straight... i am a jackets fan, and that was a penalty, no doubt about it. i am not happy about it being called, but would you be?? any jackets fan who says that wasnt too many men is fooling themselves. for the announcers to say the same is just dumb, no denying that is was a penalty. dont listen to the CBJ announcers... they are retarded!
  3. It's official: CBJ fans are the dumbest in sports

    Did you read any of my posts? jackets got beat by a better team. Whether we won tonight or not, the series was over. the BJs were playing for pride and trying to pull down a game to avoid the sweep. The wings dominated and deserve to move on! good luck the rest of the way and keep in mind the things you read on HF boards is a bunch of retards just talking s***.... not talking hockey!
  4. WCQF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Blue Jackets 5

    that would be a foursome! but anyway... good series guys and i just want you all to know that trash talking you hear from jackets fans are not from us as a whole. it was a good series and it just ended a little bitter for us. The penalty was a penalty. just a rough time for it to be called. good luck to the Wings in the playoffs and congrats from a jackets fan!!!
  5. It's official: CBJ fans are the dumbest in sports

    EXACTLY, HF boards are just a bunch of crazies talking crap. thats why i dont go there. we have some good fans who just love talking blue jackets hockey on our own board (bluejackets247.com). if you guys want to talk about the series you are welcome to join. we have talked to many fans throughout the series... and it has remained civil and hockey related haha
  6. It's official: CBJ fans are the dumbest in sports

    and forget the buckeyes... there are some real hockey fans in columbus. I like the buckeyes, but the Blue Jackets are a hockey team and being from the same city doesnt mean the jackets are in any way related to the buckeyes. OSU could burn down for all i care if the jackets could win a cup!!!
  7. It's official: CBJ fans are the dumbest in sports

    come on guys... dont generalize. there are plenty of gracious blue jackets fans out there. It was an awesome game and jackets fans are just upset after losing in a really close hard fought game. my personal opinion on the penalty... it was a penalty! no doubt they had 6 guys. when its that close it is something that a ref could let go in that situation. an interference or slash is different than a bench minor. but we cant call it a "bad call". its just a tough way to lose and to say "Jackets fans went in classless and will go out classless" is generalizing things a bit from what a few fans might have had to say. PS and i wish the fans had not thrown stuff on the ice, thats not a cool move. good series and good luck to the wings throughout the playoffs. come to bluejackets247.com if you want to talk to some good jackets fans, a lot of fans on HF boards are crazy
  8. WCQF GAME 1 GDT: Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 4

    Been a really good game so far!! those 2 goals in a minute really put us in a hole!! nott lookin good but a lot of time left! I LOVE playoff hockey!!!!
  9. both Shamwow and the Ronald+King hybrid cracked me up!!! good ones guys!
  10. What to do when Osgood decides to suck it up in the playoffs this season like Hasek was doing last year.
  11. HAHA that one is pretty good. I will link to our jackets forum photo shop page again to make it easy to check out if we are keeping up! Bluejackets247 photo wars thread
  12. Is this one making fun of the blue jackets or is it just ***???
  13. HAHA... pretty good one with Mason carrying the team!!! but yes... hopefully he can!!!
  14. The quote you are referiing to on the Jackets boards has a date on it, April 9th, we were referring to packing the house Saturday for our final home game!! We know when the games are in columbus and when they are in Detroit! We have never been to the playoffs, but we are hockey fans and know how the playoffs work
  15. i'm enjoying photo wars so far... good tradition. we are beginners but we're getting better haha!! Some good ones so far guys!! The latest, pink version of stinger, made me laugh. here is a link to our page photo wars page. as i said, beginners, but we're learning!!!! Jackets Photo Wars page