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  1. Michael Nylander?

    I was just looking at the Griffins stats this year and couldn't help but notice Michael Nylander's numbers. A goal and 5 assists in 5 games...I know he is on a two week conditioning assignment with Grand Rapids, but what does that exactly mean? As property of the Capitals, shouldn't he be completing this assignment with the Hershey Bears? If not, I think he would be a good fill in for Filpulla in the 6-8 weeks he is out.
  2. Our Shootout Struggles?

    After watching each game this season, I honestly feel that our poor record (4-4-3) is no reflection of how we have played in those games. From blowing 2 goal leads in Sweden, to racking up 45 + shots in games and still losing, I think that things are going to turn around. Its so easy to speculate, but if Osgood saved Aucoin's OT Muffin in Phoenix, and if our usual shootout success was with us this year, we would be 7-4. But that begs the question, what the hell is going on in the shootout this year? Last night Datsyuk's effort was embarrassing, Williams looked like Jason Allison (as a leaf) and Zetterberg telegraphed a wrist shot right into Khabibulins glove. I know we have only seen 2 shootouts this year, but were 1-6 in them, and our only goal wasn't very convincing (J will vs Colorado). What do You guys think?
  3. Ilya Kovalchuk?

    Haha you never know
  4. Ilya Kovalchuk?

    Also, I hate to say this but it seems that everytime you look at our team, our increasing age becomes more apparent. We obviously do very well still, but i think at 25 this guy can remove all doubts and become a long term investment you will not need to fear. (ie Johan Franzens legs in 10 years)
  5. Ilya Kovalchuk?

    I think that with our team the way it is today, assuming hudler and sammy stay (not that they make a ton of difference) is still very good, and good enough to contend but not good enough to win a cup next year. Lets face it, we had hossa and didnt win this year, and last year we had an easy run to the finals (nashville, colorado, dallas) look where those 3 ended up this year. With the power balance shifting slowly around us, why dont we make a trade deadline offer to atlanta for Kovalchuk?. Atlanta is far from a contender and one cannot imagine Ilya wanting to re sign in a dead market such as ATL. I know this is far fetched with our financial flexibility, but signing Hossa on July 2nd last summer was as well. With the olympics in February just before the deadline, a sneak peak of Pav and Kovie may entice our GM to pull the trigger. A cold blooded goal scorer like that would love to see his first playoff action, and i guarantee he would put up one goal in the finals, and more than 6 throughout the playoffs. What do you guys think? If trade for him at the deadline, we have the time to work out an extension and next year we have a few contracts coming off the books right?
  6. SCF GAME 7 GDT: Penguins 2 at Red Wings 1

    Lets Go Boys, if there has been one thing this group of hall of famers hasnt seen yet, its a game 7 in the stanley cup finals. Everything else has been accomplished, lets take it to them
  7. Red Wings players that have more pts than Crosby

    I think a more useful stat is how many players on Detroit have a better playoff beard that Sid the kid
  8. What if Pittsburgh scored with 6 men?

    Well, from what i remember the Red Wings actually took it a step further and claimed that the Denis Larue was yelling at one of the 6 players on the ice to get off. Not to say that wasnt true, but there has not been any evidence to support it. And the outcome of the game would have been 100% different had a penalty been called on the play, even if we didnt score our powerplay is the best in the league and another 2 minutes in the offensive zone would have increased our momentum.
  9. What if Pittsburgh scored with 6 men?

    Hopefully that would be the case, however most people would say the same thing about the Hossa goal scored against the Ducks that was disallowed but something like that is un reviewable, and non calls are as well (such as too many men)
  10. I have heard alot of complaints about the officiating throughout this series, and in my opinion, justifiably so. From the missed too many men call, Ericsson's interference call that lead to a goal, and even the Malkin non suspension that should be a cut and dry rule, but isnt because the nhl protects its star players (and values ratings before anything else). I was just wondering what would have happened if Pittsburgh scored with 6 players and a goalie on the ice?
  11. Lidstrom out for game 4

    I know that your clown as well, and as for being a "newbie" on the web site, I hope thats as far as i get for dignity purpose only. Im sorry I play hockey at a high enough level to not spend the time on these blogging websites, but i think i would have a hard time telling my friends that im a "legend" blogger on a hockey teams page hahaha. And game, set and match for chicago was a little bit off eh?
  12. Lidstrom out for game 4

    what kind of fan are you man, we dont need clowns on the board saying s*** like that when were 2 games away from the finals. We sucked this February as well without missing any key players. Watch what happens today, the wings are gonna win
  13. Datsyuk listed as "day to day"

    To be honest, the only thing i understood from this paragraph was that you feel the wings can't beat chicago without the likes of Datsyuk, Lidstrom or Zetterberg. In case you missed the last series, we beat a much tougher opponent in Anahiem without our best faceoff man Draper and our 2nd best defenceman Rafalski. Datsyuk registered a whopping 3 assists and finished +1 in 7 games. Also, Datsyuk was not used against the Getzlaf - Perry - Ryan line so he was counted on to score. While I appreciate the work he does on both sides of the puck, chicago is still the underdog even without him playing. BTW, I think did pretty well last year in the conference finals when Franzen who was the best player in the playoffs at the time missed every game in that series.
  14. Why do you like the Red Wings?

    The first Team i played for when i was like 4 or 5 years old was a Red Wings team in the Toronto area, same red and white jerseys the wings had so when i came home from my first game my dad turned on the tv and the Detroit Red Wings were playing, so I thought it was my team playing on the TV. He then explained to me where our teams jersey came from and i have been a die hard fan since.
  15. 2000 Posts for a Red Wings Game 5 Win

    Lets Go Boys. keep the momentum on our side