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  1. most people shoot left, that is just nature.
  2. Did not want the hawks to win for the sole reason that bob cole should retire.
  3. Uhh looks like a routine hipcheck that ovie dove away form.
  4. At least Fistric threw a few heavy hits, didn't see the wings do that in the wc....
  5. because there is an overall trend in sports against violence, they are attacking clean hits because cheap shots will always exist.
  6. Looked extremely cheap. Hannan wasn't injured only reason why cleary wasn't suspended. The nhl suspends guys for clean hits that result in injury yet if a cheapshot goes without injury they pass over it. Its ******* stupid.
  7. He looked fine, made great outlet passes and from i what i could tell never gave the puck away. Had one bad penalty and didn't contribute offensively but its only his first nhl game on the blueline.
  9. saw a game in milwaukee a week ago, srpoul looks like a carbon copy of smith
  10. That wasn't a charge. Wilson was forechecking the puck obviously racing in from the bench, the collision was spontaneous and incidental to the forecheck and wilson joining the play. When wilson initiated contact Schenn was in the grey zone. No way you can pin it on Wilson, the game is moving fast. Schenn is known for his big hits anyways, can't a player taste his own medicine once in awhile.
  11. ozzie is less of a homer though which i enjoy
  12. datsyuk is also responsible for his head... The main wings hitters were playing against neil, they obviously didn't want him going after them like he was last game. The wings never respond heavy during the regular season but looking back at playoffs in the past they have been able to answer, looking back at the hawks series in particular when they hammered the hawks into submission until letting up and eventually losing the series. The wings also deflected the sens intensity this game far more handily than the last 2 when the sens were all over the wings. People rarely go after datsyuk, zetterberg a bit more. I would be more after Methot who really hammered datsyuk last game, cowen barely even touched datsyuk. I wouldn't be surprised if they are just giving pavel his few yearly games to rest up his body.
  13. The elbow was not an inherently dirty play, illegal yes, dirty not so much. Neil played the entire game against abdelkader who is pretty much the only guy who would go after cowen so there was no way it was going to happen. Abdelkader would have made a fool out of himself. That is the same reason why helm and abdelkader weren't dishing out big hits. Kronwall tried a few times but the guy is clearly stuck in a hitting rut.