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  1. Game 1 Meetup for Chicago Wings Fans

    We're meeting up again for game 7 on Thursday. This time at Duffy's. Details in a separate post: http://www.letsgowings.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=57753
  2. We're at it again, Red Wings fans in Chicago. Let's meet up at Duffy's Tavern in Chicago to watch Thursday's game 7 vs. Anaheim. You can find the details and RSVP on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=80674629843&ref=nf Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009 Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm Location: Duffy's Tavern 422 W. Diversey Chicago, IL Description Hey Red Wings fans in Chicago! Let's meet up at Duffy's Tavern for game seven of the Western Conference semi-finals. Puck drops at 6 pm. They'll have the game in HD with sound. $1 Burgers, $2 Bud products and $4 bomb shots. They also have Bell's Oberon on tap. Win, and we move on to rekindle a rivalry with the Blackhawks. Lose, and.....well, losing is not an option. Let's go Red Wings! This event is open to all for a reason. Let's pack the place with Wings fans.
  3. Game 1 Meetup for Chicago Wings Fans

    Forgot to mention the $2 PBRs! Added to the original posting.
  4. Game 1 Meetup for Chicago Wings Fans

    Good question. You might want to get there 30 - 60 min. early. Just a guess.
  5. Game 1 Meetup for Chicago Wings Fans

    There are currently no plans to do this again on Saturday but we certainly hope to do it again later in the playoffs. As for a place to catch a Wings game in Chicago, Avenue Tavern is a great choice. Other bars to check out are Tin Lizzy and Grand River. I'll probably end up back at Avenue Tavern for Saturday's game. Because the owner is such a passionate fan, it's the closest thing I've found to watching a game back home in Detroit. @creedie: hope to see you there Thursday!
  6. Game 1 Meetup for Chicago Wings Fans

    Hope you can make it. The owner is being very good to us and I'm hoping we can make this a regular thing if we get enough turnout. Can't argue with that at all. It's amazing how many Detroit refugees you find here. But we're a rabidly loyal bunch when it comes to the Wings.
  7. Hey gang. We've put together a little impromptu meetup for Wings fans in Chicago who want to get together and watch playoff game 1 on Thursday. A description of the event is below. Myself and another rabid Wings fan buddy in Chicago are organizing this grass-roots style. Hope you can join us! Bring friends, as long as they're not Hawks fans. http://nhltweetup.com/2009/04/nhl-tweetup-...red-wings-fans/ Hey Red Wings fans in Chicago! Looking for a Detroit-friendly bar to watch game one of the playoffs on Thursday, April 16? Meetup with your fellow displaced Wingnuts at Chicago’s Avenue Tavern, which may as well be called the Woodward Avenue Tavern given the owner’s fierce loyalty to all things Detroit. The game will be broadcast in HD on 10 LCD TVs throughout the bar, with sound. It’ll be like JoeVision in Chicago! What: NHL Tweetup Chicago for Red Wings Fans! Detroit Red Wings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets When: Thursday, April 16. Puck drops at 6 pm Where: Avenue Tavern (2916 N. Broadway) Who: Wings fans in Chicagoland RSVP: Via Twitter here or via Facebook here Game day specials include: * $3 Labatt drafts * $2 PBR * Detroit-style Coneys, 2 for $5 * 50 cent wings Hope you can join us and watch the Wings kick off the journey to Stanley Cup number 12.