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  1. Another graduate of Peter Forsberg Diving School... I think Crosby was also a graduate in 2008.
  2. During his time off, Bert apparently got a couple of tattoos. Not sure his helmet's gonna fit though... OR I didn't know Bert was Iridonian!
  3. How 'bout: "Stay thirsty, my friends."
  4. ALMOST sprayed my monitor with Mtn Dew on that awesome line!
  5. PS

    Holy Crap, it's Potsie! Nice job!
  6. THANK YOU! (I just got the video window and CLEARY SCORES!)
  7. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. PS

    Absolutely perfect! Achmed looks great with the Winged Wheel logo!
  9. Sooooooo nervous! all of my fingernails are gone! Yet, soooo excited to get underway!