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  1. Blue Jackets on alert for Octopi

    I feel bad for the Nationwide employees, im sure octopi stink alot, but so will the Detroit fans. It's going to be hard to figure out if the detroit fan has one in their bag or if they just smell that bad... jk, it will be hillarious to see octopi thrown on the ice, it's a great tradition
  2. 2009 Round 1 Photoshop War: Columbus Blue Jackets

    He may as well be captain seeing as he f***s them all whenever he wants anyways.
  3. Ovie kicked out of practice... The NYR's, that is.

    Hillarious, OVY is the best
  4. Joe Thornton

    at least we aren't idiot fans, we just came here to talk hockey
  5. Why the Red Wings Don't Fight

    I understand why Detroit doesn't fight, but to me fighting is exciting. I don't think I would be a Columbus fan if we didn't fight.
  6. Ladies alternative to playoff beard

    ha I don't really know why I'm telling you this but when I first read this topic's name I thought of this.. where does a women grow most hair.... need to get my mind out of the gutter
  7. Joe Thornton

    No matter how bad Thorton is in the playoffs I'd still take his as my #1 center in Columbus. But honestly I don't get how a player like Thorton can't produce in the playoffs. Sure he doesn't have amazing speed but as long as he's used in the right situations and get's the right matchups he should be able to use his big body and control the puck. Plus he feeds the best sauce in the league for a big man, he has a strong supporting cast so that's not the problem. Maybe he's jsut one of those players who lacks heart for the game, now that he's made all his money he doesn't care about winning. It's probably not like that but you never know, not everyone can have the heart of Ovechkin (and players like him)
  8. Columbus Columnist: Osgood is Wings' Weak Link

    Sorry about that columnist, he's obviously as frustrated as most of us are. I'm not sure how he can be so confident that Ozzy is the weak link, look how he's played. I can see where he is coming from looking at what Osgood did in the regular season but honestly not too many jackets fans, or even hockey fans in general remembered how well Osgood plays in the playoffs. Everyone was like, we want Detroit first round because Osgood is a sieve. Osgood has shut that idea down. The columnist used the word shaky, do you call going to the top of your crease, or further, to cut down angles on shots shaky? not quite that's what I call confidence and to be honest the jackets playing like they are will just result in Ozzy getting even more momentum heading into future rounds. I'm not saying I've given up on my team quite yet, we are half way done the series, depending if we can create chances we could compete against you but if we continue going down the path we are headed it will be an easy sweep for Ozzy and your Wings.
  9. The Ducks

    Ha, and I picked the sharks to sweep the ducks. tsk tsk tsk. WHY would I not expect the sharks to choke in the playoffs, it's more common knowledge than 1+1 = 2.
  10. Spitfires/Knights

    Sure there are no Li' Waynes in Canada but the team is named after a fighter jet used in world war 2. It was used by the Royal Airforce, and yes we were once pretty much one with the queen, so there's the connection. I knew that because my grandpa flew one in WWII. and what a series, windsor leads 2-1
  11. Dear Chris Osgood,

    Dear Chris Osgood, please play more like you did in the regular season, please please pretty please.
  12. Sportsnet's Roger Millions swears on live TV

    Ha and that's why sportsnet is such a joke. Hillarious tho.
  13. 2009 Round 1 Photoshop War: Columbus Blue Jackets

    haha this and the Lost ones are AMAZING! I figured I'd stop doing these war picture for now, if my team isn't gunna go to war why should I? This one I did make a while back and hopefully it makes sense in a few days... I know Mason hasn't been amazing in the first 2 games, but I don't blame the losses on him at all. I blame our losses on how damn good your team is, especially during the playoffs.
  14. 2009 Round 1 Photoshop War: Columbus Blue Jackets

    haha yeah I was too lazy to photoshop that, the entire picture was a lazy effort
  15. 2009 Round 1 Photoshop War: Columbus Blue Jackets

    hey, I used to be an Adam Deadmarsh fan! but now I hate the avs btw any chance that ozzy would get in another goalie fight vs mason? how sick would that be?