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  1. gdt

    Dafuq was Jimmy thinking??? man he left too much holes… what's the next thing? leave the net or what? he is playing really really bad lately...
  2. gdt

    Too bad Gustavsson can't play today… Howard must work very hard, he has been struggling the last games...
  3. gdt

    Yeap! in the past i've been subscribed to it but this year i'm not. The thing is, i can't pay just for one game.. i have to pay for months or full season and so far I'm not paying because I usually watch the games with a friend but for today I can't. So I'm looking for just today
  4. gdt

    Hey guys!! I live in Spain so it's impossible to me to go to the game… does anyone know where can I watch the game online?? I don't mind paying! Thanks!! I can't wait for it to start, it's going to be great!!
  5. Conks is my favorite goalie, so bad he is put on waivers.. I hope he makes a good job on GRR and who knows when the season ends, I really hope it's not his last year on the NHL!!
  6. Such a hard game! and two early goals that made it apparently more difficult. The good thing is we turned it around and won the game. Huge Franzen on that last hit at Montador! And yeah, HUGE game by Conklin tonight! i also believe that he deserves more starts and more confidence. On his last games the team did not play so well, in this one the team played pretty good and he did an outstanding job! He deserves more starts and give Jimmy some rest. Now, let's keep going on with the wins!
  7. Conklin Lundqvist Ovechkin Ray Emery Blake Wheeler Kovalev Heatley
  8. any pittsburgh penguins hate photos please?? got a friend who is and i want to smash him in the head and show him this photos..
  9. Would it be possible Osgood being traded for someone?? how does that sound?? who would you like for a replacement?? maybe Biron who is likely to be put on free agent?? I mean, it's just a question i am making.. I don't think Ozzy can't stand being a backup of a guy who is 11 years younger and is doing slightly better than him on this two past years
  10. I must say he has shout my mouth.. i was one of the ones who talked sh*t about him when season was about to start but i must say he is proving me wrong, he has got great numbers so far and if he keeps like this, he will become a starter and make ozzy a backup (which conklin should have done last year but babcock didn't want to). keep it up jimmy, great job so far!!!
  11. If this season is going to be so bad, and Lidstrom is planning on retiring.. geez, what a hell of a season he chose to retire.. not the best one! man, i've seen 8 year old kids play better hockey than some Red Wings players..
  12. why is mike babcock putting again bertuzzi - datsyuk - holmstrom together if he knows it ain't working??
  13. Oh, ok! haha i thought babcock would give him an opportunity as he did last year with Jimmy when Osgood was out for a break some days and Conklin was the starter on those games except the one which we played Minnesota (i believe) which Jimmy started and failed.. lol i thought the same will happen with Larsson.. no prob, hope to see him in a couple of years on the team!
  14. oh, ok! is he going to have an oportunity???