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  1. v3rs3

  2. Round 1: (2) Red Wings vs. (7) Blue Jackets

    Not to mention I am a UofM fan living in Columbus. You can see where that has lead the past 4 years.
  3. Round 1: (2) Red Wings vs. (7) Blue Jackets

    I'm not being a moron. No one was bashing the Red Wings on our forum. I was just setting records straight. Yeah, I jumped on it about 9 years ago. Sorry I haven't been a fan my whole life, prior to that I was, you'll love this...a Penguins fan. But I definitely I have no problem admitting defeat (I've been a Jackets fan for 9 years).
  4. Round 1: (2) Red Wings vs. (7) Blue Jackets

    If I recall, Rick Nash is the worst hockey player ever. Also, I know I'm trolling but I'm too chicken to come back and face the music when my team gets destroyed.
  5. VERSUS Playoff Games

    Or you can just go to the game. Oh there are still plenty of tickets left. I guess you can just leave more tickets for us Jacket backers. GO JACKETS!
  6. Good thing she made good choices before her retirement. CBJ > DET
  7. Round 1: (2) Red Wings vs. (7) Blue Jackets

    Have you watched Nash this season when the game was big? He's made the plays to get us back into it. Not to mention that the #1 prospect in the AHL has been called up to us. Uh...what's his name Nikita Filatov, yeah that's it. Not to mention we will having the two players who should have been spliting the cup in Steve Mason and Derrick Brassard (yeah, he'll be back for you guys once he's cleared today by doctors). Then you have Voracek who has broken Nash's rookie scoring records. None of your old farts will be able to keep up with our young fire power. You all will look good at the bottom of the conference in a few years. Jackets in 6. You'll take Game 2 and Game 5. Other than that, domination.