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    I like hockey,racing,football,baseball,video gaming,cars,photography,music,and other things of that sort.My favorite teams are:Detroit and Calgary(Hockey) Kasey Kahne and AJ Allmendinger(Nascar) Sebastian Vettel and Fillip Massa(F1) New England Patriots and Saskatchewan Roughriders(Football) and the New York Mets(baseball).I love to turn wrenches on cars,and my favorite car is a 1970 Dodge Hemi Challenger in ether Eggshell White or Plum Crazy Purple.

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  1. hgimn

  2. Does anybody here own a 09 winter classic jersey? I think I found a real one(from a seller that both me and a couple of friends have bought from before) on ebay. but i have a couple questions about it. First off the link to the ebay auction itself: http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAVEL-DATSYUK-RED-WINGS-WINTER-CLASSIC-JERSEY-XXL-/360787048905?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item54009579c9 Concerns: -There is no nhl shield logo on the collar under the laces. Is that normal? -The lettering on the nameplate seems a bit jumbly,although that could be the photo itself,does it look normal to someone who owns the jersey? -Finally the numbers & logos look really shiny,almost as if on a fake jersey? Again it could be the photos,but does it look legit? I've been kicking myself for years for not buying one of these when they first came out,i didn't make the same mistake with the new one and picked myself up a Zetterberg WC in the spring. I'd love to complete the Euro Twin's set,and if I can get a 09 WC jersey with Datsyuk on it,it'd be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Does it look legit to anyone on here who has one of these jerseys(even if it's not a Datsyuk)? Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Hockey Card Collectors

    I collect some stuff.I don't do sets,but I'll buy some packs and some singles from ebay or from a local card shop.I do however have a ton of Osgood cards(probably over 2,500 since I buy a few lots).I'm on the mission to get one of every Ozzie card made(I'm about 85% there).
  4. Remaining Free Agents

    Langkow isn't a ufa.Hes signed for 2 more years at 4.5 with a no movement clause.
  5. Toews on NHL 11?

    Anybody else see that Mark Streit had the "C" for the Islanders?
  6. Leafs changing jersey; naming Phaneuf captain

    There it is.I couldn't find the article.
  7. Leafs changing jersey; naming Phaneuf captain

    I've read that the alternate will be replaced after this current season from a jersey from a different era in their past.
  8. Jerseys

    When I was in highschool I used to wear my jersey(s) after a Wings win.Blank or Yzerman for non shutouts,and Osgood for shutouts.I also grew playoff beards and was lucky enough to have them win the cup when I was in grade 11.I wore a combo of the 3 jerseys for a week after they won the cup.I also Taped over one of the O's in Osgood so it said "Osgod" too! Now that I'm a year removed from school I wear one when I'm playing outdoor hockey with some friends at a rink I run and during the winter when it's cold out.
  9. Who was your first?

    My first ever player I met was Wendal Clark at a signing event at Parts Source.He's been here a few times to sign(My dad's co-worker grew up with him)some stuff.He was here earlier this year to sign his book,and nobody was there,so I got to talk to him for 45 minutes or so. Kyle Calder has a acreage outside of Saskatoon,and I met him at John Deere the summer after he was with the Wings when he came in to get some new belts and blades for his riding mower.I knew that he comes in there every now and then,and I had a stack of cards for him to sign under the counter but I forgot to get them signed.He's a very nice,down to earth guy and him and I talked for a good half hour. *edit* I forgot that Babcock came down here with the cup.I met him,got him to sign my wings cup pennant,and then he grabbed my Osgood jersey and signed it too. There's also an outdoor rink downtown here in Saskatoon.Howe and Gretzky both showed up for some reason.Gordie signed for free,and Wayne wanted money to sign autographs for kids.I was really disgusted by this.I meant I dislike the guy to begin with,but when you do something like that,it shows that you don't appreciate your fans.
  10. Rangers and Islanders Trade

    I get to see Niemi play here in Saskatoon.He has a bullet of a slapshot,but he's really brutal defensively.He has that shot,but rather than pass it around or use a wrist shot he always winds up and fires it right into a shinpad of another player and they get a shorthanded breakaway.Niemi is the next Marc-Andre Bergeron...
  11. Kirk Maltby, Atlanta Thrasher?

    I hope that he stays with the Wings in some way whether it's with the Griffin's or as an extra forward brought in for grit.I don't want to picture him in another jersey as it would seem wrong.
  12. Anybody have a version of the sharks bullseye without the background?
  13. Need Help with this jersey

    Yeah,I've decided not to buy it.Thanks for the help guys!
  14. Need Help with this jersey

    Thanks much for the info.He did say that it's a size 48,but is more like a 52 or 54,which is something that worries me.
  15. Need Help with this jersey

    That is what I was thinking.The guy said he has the bill and tags for it(tags still on it) so I will go look at it later this week.Is there any specific way to tell if this is a replica or not?I've never really looked at am edge,much less owned one(I do have 3 old ccm ones though).