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  1. Ville Leino Appreciation Thread

    BTW, thank you Holland for Leino. We appriciate the support from Hockeytown on the demise of the Blackhawks like we had your back again Crosby and the Pens. Congrats on re-up with Holmstrom and Lidstrom on the semi-cheap. Get ready for 2-2
  2. A Flyers fan did this on Game 4 of the quarterfinals.
  3. An oldie but a goodie from last year's SCF if it was not posted already
  4. Wings get no respect

    The media coverage on hockey blows about 90% of the time. You wipped a hot young rookie goalie, won a war with the Ducks, and beat a hot goalie/hot young Hawks team. Plus you are the defending champs, what more respect do you want. You know and I know that the NHL and the media is going to blow Crosby/Malkin thinking that this is the year they are going to win.
  5. On behalf of most if not all Flyers fans....

    Agreed. How to beat the Pens: 1. Shut down Malkin. Dont give him any rush to the net because he will burn ANYONE 2. Dont leave Crosby alone. Make sure there is a body on him at all times. He has great eyes for everthing aound him. 3. Crash the net. Create traffic, shoot as much as possible. Fleury has let some real sofites in the net, but has been solid on the more difficult saves. 4. No stupid penalities. Crosby and Malkin draw the calls (Pens fans CANT deny this fact). 5. Dont let Talbot and Kunitz get under your skin.
  6. On behalf of most if not all Flyers fans....

    Im not bitter. I know the Flyers blew it and blew it badly. I just cant stand how s***sburgh's success was built. Sucking for 5 years straight, winning a lottery to inherit the NHL's new poster child, and teams like the Wings, Flyers, Leafs, Habs who have a successful base, sell out games, our revenues was supporting a team who was next to bankruptcy. Then you see the refs giving Crosby and his teammates special treatment. Bettman is yanking his crank to see Crosby win the Cup.
  7. Beat the living H out of Pittsburgh. It would be bitter sweet to see Hossa raise the Cup as Crosby watches and cries.