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  1. TheCaptain

  2. who's on their way out of Detroit

    I have read much of this salary can be deferred to the '14-'15 season.
  3. Brendan Morrow?

    I read a blip for this on't heard it elsewhere.
  4. Wanted - UofM "Fab 5" Era games

    I will have to check for ya. I may have the OSU and Penn State game.
  5. Wanted - UofM "Fab 5" Era games

    I have a bunch of them....mostly from their first 2 years in the tournament. Pretty much every game.
  6. The BlackHawks on the Road

    Check those idiot Blackhawks on a recent roadtrip to Vancouver. Nice taste in chicks, Kane. Link: From Deadspin
  7. What Irks Me

    When a series usually comes to an end (and the wings win) or when the Wings take it to another team during a particular game, it's always the, "the wings are lucky" or "the refs made a bad call" (Queenville) or "it wasn't fair", like in this article It wasnt fair. I don't understand why teams can't say, "the red wings are a good team and we just got beat, plain and simple." It seams when we get beat, either Lidstrom or Babcock will say, "you know we got outplayed and (insert team) played really well." This crap really grinds my gears. Thoughts
  8. Anyone really Buy this Stuff?

    The fans of teams that arent used to getting that far buy that stuff. We are used to buying Stanley Cup Champ paraphenalia.
  9. Old School Wings T shirts

    Still looking. I found the bruise brothers one, but thats not the one I'm looking for.
  10. Old School Wings T shirts

    Its a white shirt, with a cartoon character of probert on the front in the wings home jersey. I wanna say I had this shirt in the late 80's. I believe the text on the back was in black. I know this is pretty vague but its been a long time since i've actually seen this shirt. Thanks for the help, I'm still looking online for it.
  11. Old School Wings T shirts

    Yeah, when I made the account I was planning on the handle being "already in use". As for the shirt, it was sweet, I wish I had a pic to share. I'd love to get a hold of this shirt.
  12. Questions from a Blue Jackets fan...

    Not anymore
  13. Old School Wings T shirts

    Hello All, I am brand new to the forum. I've been a wings fan my whole life. When I was young my dad and i would go Wings games all the time. I begged my dad for the "Bob Probert cartoon knockout t shirt" they sold at the joe constantly and he finally got it for me. Of course that was years ago. I have searched everywhere ebay, hundreds of google searches. I wanted to know if anyone know which shirt I am referring to and where I could possibly find one of these. I can't even find a pic of one to show. I know it had a cartoon of Probey on the front, and on the back it had a list of his knockout with the date and location. Thanks for all the help. Darren